5 Tips for Personal Hygiene While Camping

Keeping up with normal personal hygiene can be difficult when camping outdoors. It is so because camping outdoors isolates you from the convenience of the home bathroom. Things like running water and general bathrooms will be out of reach. Unless you are camping in an equipped establishment. But, it doesn’t have to be such a struggle. We have compiled a set of tips for personal hygiene. Use them until you can get back to your normal surroundings with all the modern amenities.

Campsite Hygiene Check List

The following are the five best ways to maintain personal hygiene while camping:

  1. Use a Camping Shower
  2. Use a Portable Toilet
  3. Erect a Shower/Toilet Tent for privacy
  4. Use Hand Sanitizer
  5. Avoid Repeating Clothes

Tips for Healthy Camping

Now, let us discuss the above tips and tricks in depth.

  1. Use a Camping Shower

    If you are so used to the modern amenities, you will find it particularly difficult to get by in an outdoor natural. You will struggle to take a shower and if you are not careful, you can go for days without showering. So, how about you carry pack yourself a camping shower?

    A camping shower is a portable shower improvised to make it usable in the absence of running water. It comes in handy for outdoor camping where there are no camping establishments. You can count on a camping shower to wash your camping utensils as well.

    If you cannot find a camping shower and you’re afraid to take a natural bath in the river, all is not lost. You can still swab yourself. Take some cotton balls and wet them with hydrogen peroxide. Then use it to swab those areas of your skin that you suspect to be filthier than the rest. When swabbing, pay special attention to the face, the groin, the armpits, and the feet.
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  2. Use a Portable Toilet

    Bowel movements will continue during your camping trip. So, it is important to account for a temporary toilet since it is an unavoidable necessity. The best way to address the issue of bowel movements is by carrying a portable toilet.

    A portable toilet caters to a camper’s need for portability. It features that make it easy to transport around. Having it will help you avoid leaving your mess everywhere in the campsite. Portable camping toilets help to avoid sharing public toilets in the camping facilities.

    You didn’t manage to carry a portable camping toilet to the camping site? You can always turn to nature for a solution! With a shovel or a sharpened stick, dig a hole in the ground, do your business and cover the hole with some dirt. But, you need to take a lot of precautions when you resort to this method of defecating. First, ensure you are doing it at a distance as far as a football pitch away from your campsite. Secondly, you will have to be digging a new hole every time you want to defecate.
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  3. Erecting a Shower Tent

    When we talk about personal hygiene, the first thing that comes to mind is showering. Besides, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of showering. Yet, camping, especially in a large group doesn’t leave you with so many options when it comes to showering. You are going to think about a showering place the moment you arrive at the campsite. This is if you value personal hygiene. And, putting up a shower tent sounds like a great idea in this case.

    A shower tent gives you the much-needed privacy while camping with a group of other campers. Most importantly, you get to enjoy showering convenience as if you were in your own home. Established campsites have public showers. But all the campers share these public showers hence they are likely to have lots of bacteria and fungi.

    If you cannot afford a shower tent, you can resort to going the natural way. Take your natural travel soap and head down the river or stream and enjoy a natural bath.

  4. Use Hand Sanitizer

    You are not going to be having a lot of water while camping outdoors. That is just a fact. And even if you will, it only makes sense to be as economical as possible with water usage while in the outdoors. This is for the obvious reason that water is scarce. No one needs to be reminded that running water is a scares commodity in the woods. Plus, how much are you going to be willing to sacrifice your good time running to the tap for hand washing every other minute? Besides, there are millions of things you could be doing instead, right?

    Even so, you cannot substitute hygiene. Regardless of how busy you will be or how scares water will be at the campsite. This is where hand sanitizer comes in. It is a great alternative to hand washing and highly portable too. Most hand sanitizer bottles can fit into your pocket. Just pack enough to last you the entire camping period.

  5. Avoid Repeating Clothes

    How much emphasis would you want us to put on this point? It is pretty self-explanatory, right? Even the least informed folks know that repeating clothes is disgusting. We understand that carrying a bulky suitcase to the camping trip is not fun. But, when you think about the amount of trouble you will be saving yourself by doing so, it is well worth your while. At the very least, ensure you have enough undies to last the entire camping period.

    Clothe Cleaning


It can be particularly difficult to stick to a cleanliness routine in the outdoors. This is excusable considering that you are away from the conventional amenities. The scarcity of running water and the absence of a bathroom can discourage you from taking a decent bath. But, when you think about the health risk to yourself and the amount of discomfort to fellow campers. Don’t you think it is well worth to adhere to a personal hygiene routine?

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