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We are lovers of the outdoors and passionate adventure enthusiasts who believe that the less time you spend on research, the more time you have to spend outdoors. We understand you have questions and it’s pretty difficult to know the right advice to trust. With a myriad of information and camping products out there, choosing the right outdoor gear that meets your needs can be hard.

Every camper is often faced with the same concern: I’m having issues with my equipment, what do I need to do? Do I need to upgrade my gear and which is the best to buy? ‘My feet hurt so badly and it seems my boots are wet and slippery. What should I do? In a world where there are torrents of information, marketing claims, and terminology, the whole decision-making process can be a herculean task.
We’ve been there and we understand how frustrating it can be. This is what led to the launch of Camp Away. Using our own experience, unique review, and field-testing process, and taking into account everyday user’s and specialists’ opinions, we offer objective gear review with clear perspectives since 2018.

We seek to provide adequate and accurate information that will make your camping experience seamless. Our team is made up of passionate camping experts who understand what it takes to become a savoir-faire traveler. They are always ready to share useful and practical camping advice and provide objective reviews about different camping products that you can explore. You’ll find everything you need to become a savvy camper, and a smart one at that, on our site.

Our Team

Ali A. Gelirli (Founder & Content Creator)

Ali A. Gelirli (Founder & Content Creator)

Ali is the Founder and the Content Creator of Camp Away. He is a full time Quality Engineer and part time traveler and blogger. For him, being in the nature is a passion. He has a lot of camping experience in many parts of the world. He is also a very good outdoor gear researcher. He explores the most curious things about camping and outdoors, creates the outlines of our blog content.

Thomas Overmiller (Editor & Proofreader)

Thomas Overmiller (Editor & Proofreader)

Thomas is the Editor of Camp Away and currently works as a Teaching and Administration Pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Queens, New York City. He is an avid proofreader and writer and blogs at Shepherd Thoughts. He enjoys pickup basketball, hiking, writing, and an occasional St. John’s basketball game. He’s currently wrapping up a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) studies.

Aron Jones (Author)

Aron Jones (Author)

Aron is an all-round outdoor enthusiast, an outdoor instructor, and a blogger. He joined campaway.org as an Author and uses his outdoor experience to provide highly informative content for readers. Aron has spent months bike-touring across the United States, hiking the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and the Chinese Himalaya. His climbing and kayaking experience cut across different El Cap routes and the Sea of Cortes. When he’s not on a long tour, Aron Jones would be at his home in Los Angeles, California where he is writing about hiking and camping.

Lily Hill (Author)

Lily Hill (Author)

Lily has spent over twenty years working, researching, and writing about outdoor activities. She’s not just a writer; she’s also an avid sportswoman. Lily once worked with an outdoor gear retailer as a sports ambassador, informed customers about the equipment needed for every outdoor adventure. Lily has more than 20,000 miles of the wilderness experience. She is passionate about inspiring people to embrace the outdoor experience and channel more resources toward the development of conversation across the country. When Lily is at home with her two beautiful children; Sam and Jane, playing home and writing about camping.

Umair Khan (Author)

Umair Khan (Author)

Umair is one of the Authors of Camp Away who is a professional content writer having 10 years of freelance writing experience. He has the ability to write high-quality, informative content and to conduct deep researches for required data for our blog. Umair is also a travel addict and loves hiking.

Other Contributors

We work with many talented and passionate freelancers who work tirelessly to help keep our site going strong. Frank Nelson, a blogger, and experienced camper has written for us for many years.  James Lee is also a respected contributor on our site with years of experience acting as a tour guide in the backcountry of British Columbia. He is also a foodie who loves experimenting with recipes in the kitchen.

Sean Cole is a bike guru who takes pleasure in the fast and furious adventurous lifestyle. He’s an Outdoor Instructor with a unique perspective on outdoor activities. He brings his exceptional knowledge of the outdoor world to bear in the development of his content on our platform. We are appreciative of these amazing contributors who constantly add value to our site and by extension to our readers.

Our Vision

At campaway.org, we believe that life becomes better and more beautiful when you step out the door to pursue a new adventure, small or big. In your journey to take on new adventures, we want to empower you with the right information to make the best purchasing decision. We want to minimize impacts on our planet and make the world a better place by helping you to buy the right camping gear that you will love.

Our Mission

To consistently provide informative and innovative content for the adventure enthusiast.

Our Guiding Value

Innovation that works: We are not just interested in bringing new trends or something different. It’s more about providing information that works. We want to make your camping experience better and giving you the right content to make this happen is our top priority.

  • Daily Improvement:
    We don’t rely on yesterday’s insight. We sweat the details to bring you the information that will make a difference in your next camping adventure.
  • Respect for One and All:
    We listen, empower, and value each member of our team and fellow adventurers while we strive to protect and preserve our planet.
  • Beauty in Functionality:
    We understand the importance of simple and clear solutions but in it all, we seek to create differentiation for lifestyle and beauty in its perfect form. For us at campaway.org, the aim is to ensure 360° of satisfaction for your next camping.

Areas We Cover

We focus on three main parts. These include product summary; extensive individual product reviews; highly informative general content. The product category offers a general overview of the top gear products in a specific category.

Although we have specific products highlighted under the categories, we have thoroughly researched and tested most of the products, to provide objective details. We understand that the latest trend in gear products doesn’t necessarily mean the best in the category. Additionally, each person has a specific preference. Therefore, we give detailed information and breakdown of each product to enable users to make the right decision. You will find a different range of price points for each product and you can choose your preferred item based on your budget.

For the individual products, we provide an in-depth review and analysis for specific outdoor gear. This means if you are not satisfied with the information provided in the product summary section, you can go through the extensive review before you make a buying decision. We have reviews for practically every camping product that you can think of and many more are being added regularly. We also have editor’s choices, which we’ve reviewed, tested, and certified to be top choices. We assure you that you will find our product reviews to be very detailed, subjective, succinctly presented, and very helpful.

The last part has to do with a different range of informational articles. We provide detailed information on numerous topics that are important to campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Like we stated, we have a team of contributors that have years of experience and are passionate about the outdoor lifestyle. These individuals provide expert opinions on different topics to help make your next camping experience highly memorable.

Guidelines for Our Editorial

We have an in-house editorial team that supervises each article posted on our website. Our goal is to offer an extensive information library where campers and outdoor adventurers can find valuable guidance, including tips, advice, tricks, plans, and inspiration. We are not focused on just a single storyline. We produce expertly-written content on different topics that appeal to our readers. Our writers are well-versed in their fields and they provide the best information on specific topics that you’re looking for. With the information available on our site, a first-time camper can find everything they need to have a seamless camping experience.

We also include relevant and appropriate links in different articles to help you get more information about the topic you’re searching for. If you’re reading a topic on how to plan a trip to a particular destination, you can find links to the best gear you need to make your trip a smooth one. We also add links to other websites where the products we’re suggesting are available for sale. You can rest assured that we have tested these products before recommending them. Sometimes, we receive a small commission when you click on some of the links to make a purchase. For links like these, we have labels on them, so that you will know where the link will redirect you to.

Our Ethos and Standard

We understand that the world is always evolving and so is information about travel and camping. Therefore, our editorial team reviews content, including texts, illustrations, and images before they are published. This is to ensure that information on our platform is as accurate as you can find. Additionally, we don’t stop our fact-checking after the story has been published.

Rather, we constantly back-check the information and update it to ensure that all contents are accurate, informative, and free of any misinformation or ethical conflicts. Our editorial team is made up of content editors, visual editors, illustrators, designers, engineers, and product managers, who work together to improve users’ experience on our site. Have you spotted any outdated information while using our site? You can use the ‘Contact Form’ to let us know about this.

Campaway.org works with other contributors from independent media outfits. In a world where jobs are not guaranteed, we take pride in our ability to support our writers by offering them freelance opportunities to do what they know how to do best. We must also mention that to keep our site as objective as possible, we do not cover products that we would not personally use or recommend to others.

Additionally, campaway.org does not accept monetary rewards in exchange for product coverage.We love everything that has to do with camping and camping gear. We also believe that the right outdoor gear can make your outdoor adventure more fun. However, we don’t underline buying new gear every time you want to go on a trip. Rather, we encourage our readers to look at what they currently have before getting something new. No doubt, there is a plethora of impressive and innovative technologies and materials that will aid smart camping, keep you dry and warm, and make your whole experience more enjoyable. This is where our experience comes in. We offer you in-depth reviews of products that you can trust. We also share our opinions and experiences about products we’ve used so that you can make informed decisions when making a purchase.

Connect with Us

We welcome you again to our world of adventures and we hope you will find the resources on our site inspirational and very helpful. Although we deem ourselves to be very experienced in camping and camping gear, we also believe that we are continually learning daily. If you have any feedback on ways we can improve any aspect of our site, do not hesitate to make your suggestions. You can visit Contact page or our Facebook and Instagram accounts to connect with us and we will be delighted to hear from you.