Best Camping Air Mattresses of 2021

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An average person spends at least one-third of their lifetime sleeping. Well, this translates to about 8 hrs. a day. Therefore, whether you’re in your house, a friend’s place, or somewhere in the woods camping, you must put in the hours. Your health depends on it. Admittedly, getting a good night’s sleep while camping outdoors can be a bit of a challenge. Even so, there are lots of best air mattresses for camping on the market today, so you don’t have to endure the discomfort of sleeping outdoors. This article features air mattress reviews to help you with the buying decision.

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Best Overall Air Mattress for Camping

1. Hikenture Double Camping Sleeping Mattress

Hikenture Two Person Camping Sleeping MattressDimensions: 79 in x 47.5 in x 3.75 in.
Packed Size: 13.8 in. x 5.9 in
Weight: 3.64 lbs.
Material: polyester, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)

Some camping scenarios need a sleeping arrangement that is compact but still highly effective. That is exactly what you can expect to get from the Hikenture Double Camping Sleeping Mattress. This mattress is thin and usually meant for use with sleeping bags. The 3.75 inch is more than enough for putting under any sleeping bag and you can enjoy your time a lot while using this. The thinner design also means that you do not need to use and electric pump, thereby not requiring any power input. The weight of this mattress is especially great as it can be carried by anyone for a long time without getting tired.

The material used to make this mattress is also environmentally friendly you also get money back guarantee from the seller for up to 90 days which is quite amazing! A lot of people also use this mattress for car camping thanks to its compact design. The material used in this mattress, however, could have been a bit thicker to sustain better air pressure and remain functional longer which it does not. Do not be surprised if you end up tearing a hole in it at any point. Removing air without the manual filter can become quite tricky, something that should simply not be happening.

What we like:
  • Easy to carry and fill
  • Fits cars quite easily and snugly
What we don't:
  • Material is thin and can tear easily



Best Camping Air Mattress for Side Sleeper

2. The Bedroom Store Camouflage Camping Tri-Zone Air Mattress

The Bedroom Store Camouflage Camping Tri-Zone Air MattressDimensions: 75” x 39”
Inflated Height/Thickness: 10 inches
Pump Type: Electric
Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

It is a twin-sized air mattress with a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs. As such, it can comfortably support two adults without risking damage or discomfort to the users. Besides, this air mattress comes with interesting features to enhance its general usability. For instance, its hands-free express pump makes it not just easy but fast to inflate and deflate the mattress.

The Bedroom Store Camouflage Outdoor Sport Camping Tri-Zone Air Mattress is made with heavy-duty vinyl material. This material is strong enough to resist wear and tear. Additionally, it comes with a 1-yr. limited warranty to give you maximum value for your money.
As far as comfort is concerned, the air mattress features a button that helps with adjusting comfort. The best part is that this button has undergone enough tests to confirm that it is leakproof. The air mattress also has a proprietary feature known as tri-zone comfort. The feature comprises of three zones with raised horizontal air pockets to provide lumbar support. As far as size is concerned, the air mattress measures 75 in. long by 39 in. wide and it is 10 in. thick.

What we like:
  • The tri-zone feature offers lumbar support thus enhancing the health conditions of the user
  • The 10 in. thickness and the adjustable comfort button provide maximum comfort
  • It is made from a strong and durable vinyl construction
What we don't:
  • It has a high weight capacity but does not comfortably support two adults due to its small width



Best Queen Size Air Bed for Camping

3. ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed

ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air BedInflated dimensions: 56 in. x 80 in. x 6 in.Pack size:
Inflated Height/Thickness: 6 in.
Pump Type: Electric
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.

Half the enjoyment that you get when on a camping trip comes from the arrangement you have for resting at night. The right mattress can make a big difference and this air bed can provide you everything you need to get going. The six inches thick mattress is capable enough of keeping you warm and floating above the ground all night without any issues. The amazing 500 lbs. weight capacity also means that you can put anyone on it without the fear of losing the mattress.

The design of this mattress is meant to make sure that shifting around does not disturb your during the night, or even your partner. The material used in this mattress is also sufficiently thick and takes on weight quite easily and effectively. The mattress also comes with an electric pump that can let you fill it up quickly and effortlessly. The same can also be used with you have to deflate the mattress, which itself is a great feature to have for compact packaging. It is one of the most spacious mattresses in its category and certainly worth the money.

Read Full Review: ALPS Mountaineering Vertex

What we like:
  • Incredibly spacious
  • Electric pump for inflation and deflation
  • It is made from a strong and durable vinyl construction
What we don't:
  • Zero insulation and pump position could be better



Best Double Camping Air Mattress

4. Coleman EasyStay Air Mattress for Camping

Dimensions: 77” x 58”
Inflated Height/Thickness: 6 inches
Pump Type: Electric
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

The Coleman EasyStay Airbed is a air mattress for camping that offers convenience to an outdoor camper. It targets the outdoor camper who desires to have a good time in the outdoors without letting sleep-associated challenges to get in the way. This air mattress comes in two sizes, the twin and queen size. The queen size measures 77 in. by 58 in. after inflating with a thickness of about 6 in.

Three main features distinguish the Coleman EasyStay Single-High Airbed from other air mattresses on the market. The first one is the Comfortstrong feature. This is responsible for providing enough support to your body in a way that minimizes bulging. Secondly, the air mattress features a double lock valve for preventing air from leaking out. In addition to the double lock valve, the Coleman EasyStay Single-High Airbed also comes with the airtight system which ensures that no leaks occur whatsoever.

What we like:
  • The Coleman EasyStay Single-High Airbed comes with a great collection of features that enhance its overall performance
  • Comes with a built-in storage system for easy storage and carrying
  • Works great indoors as an extra bed for the overnight guest as it fits the standard queen-sized sheets
What we don't:
  • Does not include the air pump in the package which means you will have to buy it separately



Best Heavy Duty Air Mattress for Camping

5. Etekcity Upgraded Camping Air Mattress

Etekcity Camping Air MattressDimensions: 80” x 60”
Inflated Height/Thickness: 9 inches
Pump Type: Rechargeable pump
Weight Capacity: 650 pounds

The Etekcity air mattress combines comfort, convenience, and durability in one offering. Its construction material consists of 20% PVC, making it both weather resistant and durable even under heavy usage. The stability is backed by the Fourth-Generation technology employed in the manufacturing process of the air mattress. The technology provides a wave beam inner support to guarantee weight support of up to 650 lbs. As if that is not enough, the Etekcity air mattress has 20% PVC, which provides extra support thus enhancing firmness and stability when in use.

Apart from having a super strong build material the Etekcity air mattress also comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty which means you get to experience the value for your money for an extended period. Its 2-in-1 valve allows you to accelerate both inflation and deflation times. When inflated, the Etekcity air mattress measures 80 in. long by 60 in. wide which provides ample space for more than 2 adults. What is more, comfort is not compromised as the air mattress inflates to a thickness of up to 9 in. When not in use, this air mattress is easy to store thanks to the small deflated dimensions of 13 x 7 x 15 in.

What we like:
  • Easy to inflate and deflate thanks to the two-in-one valve
  • Once set up, the Etekcity air mattress is firm and stable even with a significant 9-in. thickness
  • It comes with a rechargeable cordless electric pump
What we don't:
  • It can be quite heavy and bulky even in its deflated state as it weighs a whopping 10 lbs



Best Car Back Seat Air Mattress

6. KingCamp Universal Inflatable Air Mattress for Car Camping

KingCamp Universal Inflatable Air Mattress for Car CampingDimensions: 55.5” x 35.4”
Inflated Height/Thickness: 17.7 inches
Pump Type: Electric
Capacity: 485 pounds

The KingCamp Universal air mattress is a camping mattress made for car camping. It comes in the size of an SUV’s back seat compartment with dimensions of 55.5 in. long by 35.4 in. wide and 17.7 in. from the floor. Its weight capacity is quite impressive as it is made to support up to 485 lbs. The mattress itself is made to make you feel like you’re sleeping on a couch back at home. It’s that cozy. This is thanks to the comfortable and durable materials that constitute its construction. It features a coating that is waterproof and friendly to the skin. The fact that it has a waterproof surface makes cleaning a breeze. To clean, all you need to do wipe with a damp piece of cloth.

As far as portability is concerned, this air mattress is quite portable and easy to carry. Its folded dimensions are 15.4 in. by 12.6 in. by 4.7 in. while the weight is 4.9 lbs. This makes it easy to store and carry around.

What we like:
  • The air mattress is multifunctional as you can use it both indoors and outdoors
What we don't:
  • It is limited to car camping given that the design is meant to feat in the back seat of an SUV


Other Best Options

7. Sierra Designs 2 Person Queen Camping Air Bed

Sierra Designs 2 Person Queen Camping Air Bed MattressDimensions: 77.9 in x 55.9 in x 10.2 in.
Packed Size: 16.06 in. x 10.43 in. x 10.2 in.
Weight: 6.17 lbs.
Material: TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)

There are mattresses available from all kinds of companies these days when it comes to camping. That is why the Sierra Designs 2 Person Queen Camping Air Bed is something special and here is why. This mattress offers a rare design feature which is its pillow bump. This decent sized increment in height allows users to avoid packing pillows separately. The mattress is also made using environmentally friendly materials and the TPU used in it can fend off most abrasions and punctures quite easily. You can also inflate and deflate this mattress quite fast using the pump and all that comes with a one-year warranty as well.

Of course, there are some problems that you need to figure out on your own like the missing weight capacity. It is also not that forgiving if you use it in places where the ground may be uneven, leading to you feeling uncomfortable during the night. The actual size is also smaller than the declared queen-sized bed that it should be.  The pump that comes with it is also battery operated so you do not necessarily need to be present by your car to pump it up or down

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What we like:
  • Portable air pump, environment friendly design, good value for money
What we don't:
  • Weight capacity not provided, smaller than the advertised queen size


8. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed

Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air BedDimensions: 80” x 55”
Inflated Height/Thickness: 7 inches
Pump Type: Battery operated
Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

Regular PVC air mattresses have shortcomings that can take a toll on your camping adventure. But, with this PVC-free air mattress, you can at least rest assured that you have a superior product offering you the necessary services for a perfect camp night. It comes with a generous size enough for two adults. When fully set up, this air mattress measures 80.1 in. long by 55.1 in. wide and when it comes to thickness, the mattress is moderately thick measuring 7.1 in. This is sufficient for two adults.

As far as durability is concerned, this air mattress is made from TPU material which is known for its durability. The strength and durability of TPU construction come with an amazing portion of portability. Apart from being durable, this air mattress is also quite compact and lightweight. Its deflated dimensions are 16.5 in. by 8.9 in. by 8.9 in. with a weight of only 5.6 lbs. Also, being a PVC-free material, the air mattress ranks quite highly in resistance to temperature and abrasion.

What we like:
  • This air mattress is easy to inflate and deflate as it comes with a stabilizer system comprising of a two-way Boston valve
  • Comes with an easy to carry storage bag
What we don't:
  • Requires a battery-operated pump to inflate but you have to buy the batteries separately. However, the batteries are not expensive


9. Etekcity Air Mattress for Camping

Etekcity Air Mattress for CampingDimensions: 75” x 39”
Inflated Height/Thickness: 9 inches
Pump Type: Rechargeable air pump
Weight Capacity: 450 pounds

This is another air mattress from Etekcity that offers a great collection of features for your camping comfort. First, it is made from strong material that is soft and cozy on the outside whiles providing great resistance to wear and tear. However, you will still need to observe closely when kids and pets are playing on this air mattress. This is because sharp objects and paws from pets are likely to damage the mattress.

The general build quality of the Etekcity Camping Air Mattress is quite desirable. It comes with a 2-in-1 valve to enhance the ease of inflating and deflating the air mattress. As far as comfort is concerned, the mattress features a flocked top which provides an additional layer of insulation. Additionally, the interior features the third generation coil-beam technology. This one ensures that your body contours to get in shape appropriately as soon as you lie on it. As far as storage and transportation are concerned, the Etekcity  Air Mattress for Camping comes with a carrying bag. Besides, the air mattress itself is not bulky and heavyweight.

What we like:
  • It is easy to set up thanks to the 2-in-1 valve
  • The 3rd generation coil beam technology offers enhanced comfort and additional lumbar support
What we don't:
  • Does not include an inflation pump in the package


10. Intex Inflatable Camping Mattress

Intex Inflatable Camping MattressDimensions: 72.5″ x 26.5″
Inflated Height/Thickness: 6.75″
Pump Type: Manual air pump
Capacity: 150 pounds

The Intex Inflatable camping mattress is both comfortable and convenient in a way that makes it easy for an outdoor camper to use. Its design features a distinct wave beam construction, which provides lumbar support. Besides, its bottom features a 2-ply laminate material for great puncture resistance and general stability of the air mattress during usage. It is also worth noting that the 2-ply laminate material makes it easy to clean the whole air mattress as you only need to use a damp cloth.

As far as storage and transportation are concerned, the Intex Inflatable Camping Mattress is performing fairly. It folds easily to a compact size that can fit in a small space. The lightweight feature means you can carry this air mattress around without using up too much of your energy. The other feature that would be useful to the camper is the airlock feature that guarantees a leakproof final product.

What we like:
  • This air mattress is made from materials that are resistant to everyday wear and tear
  • It is small and lightweight for easy storage and transportation
  • Comes with airlock feature to prevent air leakages
What we don't:
  • This air mattress does not come with a pump. The fact that you have to buy one separately means that you are going to incur additional expenses


11. PAVONI Comfortable Air Mattress for Two

PAVONI Comfortable Car Camping Mattress for TwoDimensions: 74″ x 57
Inflated Height/Thickness: 8.7 inches
Pump Type: Electric
Weight Capacity: 440 pounds

For those car camping enthusiasts out there, this is the perfect choice for you. The Pavoni car camping air mattress is made to offer maximum comfort and convenience. Its construction features high-quality materials that offer high levels of weather resistance. In addition to that, it is also cozy and extra soft. Regardless, it still offers great resistance to wear and tear. What is more, it can be used by both adults and kids alike.

The air mattress comes with an electric pump, which makes it quite easy and fast to inflate. In the event of it getting damaged, you can use the included repair patches to mend it back to working condition. When not in use, the air mattress can be folded to a compact size and stored away conveniently. When inflated, this air mattress measures 74 in. long by 57 in. wide. These dimensions are wide enough for up to two adults. And, the two adults will experience the best levels of comfort, thanks to the 8.7 in. of thickness that this air mattress offers.

What we like:
  • It is a large air mattress with great thickness and is ideal for both adults and kids
  • The air mattress pump is included in the packagr
What we don't:
  • This air mattress is too large for a backpacker


12. FBSPORT  Camping Air Mattress for Car Sleeping

FBSPORT Camping Mattress for Car SleepingDimensions: 53” x 35.4”
Inflated Height/Thickness: 3.14 inches
Pump Type: Electric
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

This is yet another great choice of an air mattress for car camping. Its design makes it suitable for the back seat of an SUV as it measures 53 in. by 35.4 in. by 3.14 in. after inflating. The mattress gets comfortably firm after inflation, but u will notice slight deflation after about 10 hrs. of continuous use. This could be as a result of inevitable leaks. However, the mattress is a great camping companion for festivals, surf trips, and outdoor adventures as long as you have it in the car. The package includes an electric pump for easy inflation and deflation. The inflation pump is so effective that it can get the mattress to full inflation in just one minute.

The only challenge is the air mattress’s resistance to wear and tear. It tends to perform poorly under real pressure, especially from sharp objects. However, the manufacturer provides a set of two inflatable camping pillows, which help to enhance the comfort and health benefits.

What we like:
  • It is a great option for car camping with family and friend in an SUV
What we don't:
  • The material of construction is not resistant to wear and tear as it is highly susceptible to sharp objects



Best Air Mattresses for Camping

Camping Air Mattress Buying Guide

Buying a new air mattress can be a daunting task. Even for the most seasoned outdoor camper who knows their way around camping gear. Here’s why. The market is full of options when it comes air mattresses for camping and this is where some manufacturers tend to take advantage and supply knockoffs just to make an extra dime. However, there’re lots of high-quality air mattresses that will give you value for your money. Just consider the bare necessities or what we’d like to call the ‘irreducible minimums’ for a air mattress for camping. This section will be highlighting these bare necessities that you should put into consideration when buying air mattresses. Read on!

Factors to Consider When Buying Air Mattress for Camping

The following are the bare necessities or irreducible minimums when it comes to air mattresses for camping. Of course some are not irreducible per se. But, it serves your best interests to have all of them represented in your purchase.

  1. Size

    This is an important factor you need to put into consideration before buying an air mattress for camping purposes. Air mattresses for camping come in different sizes and it serves you right to pick the size that is suitable for you. The following are the main varieties of sizes for most of the air mattresses that you will find in the market. In terms of length and width, there are twin, queen, king and full sizes available. As for the thickness, the most air mattresses in the market are either single height or double height.

    The length and width dimensions of a twin-size air mattress are 38 inches wide by 74 inches long although some come in the length or 80 and 84 inches. As for the full-size variant, the dimensions are 53 inches wide with a length of 74, 80 or 84 inches. Queen and king size air mattresses, on the other hand measure 60” by 80” and 76” by 80” respectively. When it comes to the thickness, the single-height air mattress has a height ranging from 9 to 11 inches. Whereas for the double-height variants, the thickness is usually the range of 17 to 25 inches high.

    The choice of a size in air mattresses comes down to personal preferences. Apart from the fact that it has to be the right size to serve the capacity in terms of number of users, the other dimensions are more of preferences. However, it is also important to select an air mattress that is going to fit in your camping tent if you plan to sleepin in a tent. And, when it is not in use, it should not be too bulky to compromise the storage space available. Twin and queen size air mattresses are more suitable for most outdoor camping arrangements.

  2. Material

    The type of material determines a lot of things that affect the overall user experience. It is therefore important to consider what type of material the air mattress is made of before buying. The two most common construction materials for air mattresses are PVC and TPU. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride whereas TPU stands for Thermoplastic polyurethane.

    Each of these materials has a fair share of advantages and disadvantages. However, manufacturers have succeeded to overcome most of the disadvantages. They suppress the disadvantages by applying proprietary technologies in the manufacturing process. For instance, PVC is a very good material for manufacturing air mattresses. This is because it is waterproof, which makes it ideal for making all-weather air mattresses. However, the material is highly flammable, which may limit the use of PVC air mattresses around fires. Thankfully, manufacturers, though the application of various technologies have made it possible for PVC air mattresses to be less flammable.

    The right material for a good air mattress is one that is flexible and easily available. However, if the flexibility compromises the durability of the air mattress, then we have a problem. The good thing about PVC material is that it is both flexible and durable. But, in order to achieve this, manufacturers have to cut corners. They use phthalates to soften and hence increase the flexibility of PVC materials. The resultant effect is bad odours. Apart from producing unpleasant smell, the phthalates could also spark an allergic reaction. You do not want to subject yourself to this kind of discomfort. So, before buying a PVC air mattress, it would be wise to try and find out what the manufacturer has done about the flammability of PVC and the effects of phthalates. Alternatively, you can look for an air mattress made of TPU.Queen Size Camping Air Mattress Material

    TPU or Thermoplastic polyurethane is a great alternative to PVC material. Apart from being a high quality material, it is also durable. And, what is more, it does not require the addition of softening chemicals to increase its flexibility. This means that TPU air mattresses are naturally flexible and do not produce bad smells that could spark off allergic reactions. In addition to being flexible and odorless, TPU air mattresses are also lighter. As far as reusability is concerned, TPU material is recyclable and it holds up really well under extreme temperatures. This makes TPU air mattresses ideal for all-weather camping. The three main variants of TPU include polyester, polyether and polycaprolactone.

    Both TPU and PVC air mattresses feature coatings that help improve their weather resistance, aesthetics and comfort. Look out for air mattresses that feature quilted textiles as they tend to be more puncture-resistant hence they exhibit high levels of durability.

  3. Inflation Mechanism

    This refers to the options you have for inflating/setting up the air mattress. It is important to consider the available means that the manufacturer provides to inflate the air mattress. This is because it determines, to a great extent, the usability and convenience of the air mattress. The following are the main inflation mechanisms available for most air mattresses on the market. They include electric pumps, manual pumps, battery-operated pumps and self-inflation. It is worth noting that some air beds come with internal pumps even though the majority of air mattresses have external pumps. The only problem with external pumping mechanisms is that they are prone to misplacement or lose. But, it is easy to overcome this problem by simply organizing the storage area.

    As far as efficiency is concerned, the electric pumps are the best. This is because they are faster and do not require a lot of human effort. However, you may not enjoy these benefits unless you have access to a source of electricity. Thankfully, battery-operated pumps are a great alternative if you will not be in an established campground. These pumps use D-cell batteries as the source of power to inflate the air mattress. Apart from the battery-operated options, there’s also the rechargeable type. These are the pumps that feature a built-in Lithium-based battery that you can recharge either through an electricity outlet or your car. This type is great for car camping.

    If you intend to camp in a completely natural environment such as the middle of the woods, then a manual hand or foot pump will be enough for you. However, you should be warned that this type of pump is tedious. If it is a must for you to have a manual pump, then buy a foot pump instead of a hand-operated one. It is easier and less strenuous. Self-inflating air mattresses are available in the market but they are not as common as their electric and battery-operated counterparts. This is because they are not as effective as they should be especially when it comes to offering comfort. They work by allowing air into the mattress through a valve.

    When buying an air mattress, it is important to consider not just the inflation mechanism by itself but also the availability of the pump. Ideally, you should go for one that comes with a pump. This will save you the cost of having to buy a pump separately.

  4. Comfort

    Comfort is an important factor of consideration that majority of buyers tend to overlook when buying a air mattress for camping. Well, you do not need to compromise your comfort just to get an outdoor life experience. You can still get almost the same level of comfort you get at home while camping at home. Just buy the right air mattress. Look out for mattresses featuring flocked or textured surfaces. Some even come with memory foam but this can be quite bulky. Also, some manufacturers include built-in pillows so you don’t have to go through the trouble of carrying them from home. Also, buy an air mattress that gives you the freedom to adjust the thickness. This way, you can dictate the level of comfort that you deem fit for you.

    Lightweight Air Mattresses for Camping

  5. Weight

    The weight of an air mattress determines the ease of transporting from one point to another. Unless you are a car camper, you might want to get an air mattress that is lightweight enough to carry on your back. The most ideal weight for a backpacking air mattress is approximately 6 pounds. This includes the weight of the deflated air mattress and the pump if it came with the package. Still, do not go for an air mattress that is too lightweight as this could compromise on stability. A heavy weighing air mattress has enough weight to hold it firmly on the ground/surface upon which it lies.

  6. Capacity

    This refers to the maximum weight an air mattress can hold. It also refers to the maximum number of people that can use the air mattress at the same time. Queen, king and full size air mattresses can accommodate more than one person. Of course the number of people depends on their individual sizes and weights. An air mattress with a weight capacity of 600 pounds can hold up two individuals if none of them exceeds 300 pounds in weight. Overloading an air mattress could lead to split seams and serious damage to the air valve. Whether you are buying an air mattress for individual use or group use, it is always a good idea to consider its weight capacity.

  7. Cost

    We cannot overlook cost considerations when buying an air mattress because they go a long way in determining the quality of the product you end up with at long last. Whether you are on a budget or you have a couple of bucks to spend, it is of high importance to consider the cost of the air mattress. You should question lower-priced air mattresses. If the deal is too good to be true, then it probably is. There has to be something the manufacturer did to afford such a low price tag. However, this does not mean that you can just blindly go for the high-priced variants. Always perform your due diligence by inspecting the above factors one by one and if it checks all the boxes, then you can go ahead and offer the asking price.

  8. Additional features

    These are the additions that the manufacturer includes to offer a better product than the competitors. Air mattresses with additional features other than the basic ones will definitely attract the customer. As an informed buyer, take advantage of these features as they will not only save you money but also enhance your user experience. Look out for air mattresses that come with built-in pillows, proprietary technologies to enhance comfort and unique designs. Needless to say, it will be in your best interest to buy an air mattress that comes a pump. This way, you will not have to spend an extra dime buying a pump separately.

camping matress reviews

Differences Between Sleeping Pad and Air Mattress

An air mattress is a type of mattress whose setup requires you to blow in some air to inflate it. Camping sleeping pads, on the other hand, are small mattresses made of foam or a combination of foam and air sacks and can be rolled up easily. We shall be looking at the differences between air mattresses and sleeping pads in this section. We shall look at the following factors to help with the comparison.

  • Comfort
    Air mattresses are more comfortable than sleeping pads. This is because they not only provide a larger sleeping surface area but also come in much thicker dimensions compared to sleeping pads. You can adjust the comfort levels of an air mattress adjusting the amount of air. This is not possible with a sleeping pad.
  • Space Requirements
    Sleeping pads are obviously smaller and compact than air mattresses. They require minimal space during both storage and usage unlike air mattresses which are large and bulkier.
  • Warmth
    As far as warmth is concerned, a sleeping pad is better than an air mattress. This is because the latter holds air with a very thin material that can barely insulate the cold air inside. The sleeping pad is thick, which makes it a better insulator preventing heat loss to the floor.
  • Durability
    When it comes to durability, sleeping pads tend to be more durable than air mattresses. This is because they are not as susceptible to sharp objects and leakages as air mattresses. They are made from thick material that withstands a wide range of weather elements as well as day-to-day wear and tear. However, the durability of air mattresses really depends on the price-point. Expensive ones can last really long.
  • Cost
    Sleeping pads cost way less than air mattresses. Remember, the cost will, to a great extent, determine the quality. In this regard, it is possible to find a sleeping pad that costs more than an air mattress.
  • Versatility
    This refers to the ability to put it to different kinds of use. It is fairly difficult to determine the extent to which one performs better than the other in terms of versatility. This is because both are equally versatile in nature. You can use both a sleeping pad and an air mattress at home, in your car and at the campsite.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the right quality of material to select for an air mattress?
    A: TPU tends to be better than PVC when it comes to durability. However, manufacturers have done a great job of making PVC air mattresses quite long-lasting
  • Q: What is the right size of air mattress to buy?
    A: The size of air mattress to buy depends on your personal preferences. Just put into consideration the purpose for which you are buying the air mattress in the first place. If you are buying for a group, then it is better to have a larger size.

Wrap up

Camping air mattresses are the go-to camping accessories that you cannot afford to miss in your camping gear. Especially if you intend to go on an outdoor trip for a couple of days. Well, while buying one can be a nerve-wracking activity, it gets easier if you expose yourself to informative reading material such as camping air mattress reviews. Our reviews in particular collect information regarding the best air mattresses for camping so that you do not make any mistake in your buying decision. You can choose to select one from the list of air mattress reviews or use our buying guide to make an independent decision. Either way, you will end up with an air mattress that will give you the value for your money.

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