Best Camping Backpacks of 2022

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For a product that has revolutionized the way we pack and travel, you might expect the origins of the camping backpack to be as old as civilization itself. However, older generations will attest that the backpacks of today feature many innovations. The internal frame backpack for instance was introduced in 1967. Despite its recent arrival, it has revolutionized the way people carry many things. Some may question the importance of a backpack. Others wonder whether all backpacks are pretty much the same. The answer to this question is no.

Backpacks come in a variety of different shapes, colors, designs, and sizes and serve a variety of purposes. So choosing the right kind of backpack is important. To this end, camping backpack reviews, can both save you money and ensure that you get a bag that meets your needs. So find the best camping backpack to take on your next adventure today.

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Best Overall Camping Backpack

1. Teton Sports Talus 2700 Lightweight Backpack

TETON Sports Talus 2700 Lightweight Camping BackpackCapacity : 44 L
Dimensions : 26″ x 11″ x 9″
Pack Weight : 4,15 lbs

This sports backpack is another innovative product from Teton. It comes with its own tarp, making this an excellent choice for backpacking in the wilderness. This tarp covers the bag itself, but can also serves as a poncho for you or even as a temporary, emergency shelter in rain or snow.

Another unique feature of this backpack is a padded chest strap, which allows for greater carrying comfort with heavy loads. Its strong internal frame consists of lightweight aluminum, providing additional strength without additional weight. This pack offers a variety of compression straps which help to secure anything strapped to the outside of the pack. This is an excellent camping backpack for mid- to long-range hikes.

What we like:
Unique, comfortable carrying, lightweight, strong.
What we don't:
High price.


Best 36 Liter Backpack

2. Osprey Sirrus 36, Backpack for Women

Osprey-Sirrus-36-Women's-Hiking-BackpackVolume: 2075 in3
Material: 210D nylon, 420HD nylon
Pack Weight : 2.65 lbs.

Hiking or backpacking is the best way to get away from the norm and unwind. While at it, you need a backpack that maintains both style and efficiency. The Osprey Sirrus 36 women’s backpack is an ideal solution in this scenario. It is a stylish backpack with a spacious interior and plenty of other compartments.

The pack can accommodate most all your gear and also remain comfortable with the adjustable shoulder straps. With various compartments included, you are sure to keep all your items well organized. It features a section where you carry your sleeping bag for those emergency night outs in the outdoors. What’s more, a raintrap is incorporated to keep both the pack and gear dry whenever there is a sudden downpour.

There is an internal hydration sleeve with a capacity of three liters. You won’t forget to hydrate. It enables you to carry a trekking pole by attaching it to the bag. Additionally, there is a side zipper on the backpack that enables you to reach for your items in the main compartment. The back panel provides suitable ventilation and includes a tensioned mesh for adjusting the torso fit.

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What we like:
Stylish, spacious, ventilation, adjustable, plenty of additional features.
What we don't:
No large size.


Best 65 Liter Backpack

3. Gregory Baltoro 65, Backpack for Men

Gregory-Baltoro-65L-PackCapacity : 65 L
Dimensions : 27.17″ x 16.93″ x 11.02’’
Pack Weight : 4,90 lbs

If you enjoy traveling or hiking, then having a suitable bag for both is ideal. The Gregory Baltoro 65L pack suits this perfectly. It is a stylish, spacious men’s bag with plenty of incredible features to use anywhere in the outdoors. For starters, the base is made with the durable 630D high-density nylon with a 200D polyester lining. The interior is spacious with a volume of up to 65 liters. It ensures you don’t leave out the most essentials.

The accessory pockets on the Gregory Baltoro pack make it ideal for backpackers and hikers alike. It offers plenty of comfort and support with the vented back panel and the 10mm Lumbartune insert. The latter ensures a customizable back panel fit. Additionally, the pre-curved foam strapping and hip belt allow for multiple sizing for a precise body fit. You load from the top with the U-zip panel access. It includes a raincover that is stowed in its zippered pocket.

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What we like:
Spacious, versatile, comfortable, adjustable straps, plenty of organizing pockets, and zip closures.
What we don't:
It’s heavy.


Best Budget Backpack

4. Gonex Updated 35L Camping Backpack

Gonex Updated 35L Water Repellant Camping BackpackCapacity : 35 L
Dimensions : 21″ x 13″ x 9″
Pack Weight : 2,60 lbs

This camping backpack is optimal for people who appreciate multifunctional gear. This pack delivers a comfortable internal capacity of 35 liters and is made from a water-resistant nylon and polyester. This hybrid fabric keep the elements outside. Even though the bag is smaller than others on this list, it features a contoured frame which provides additional support for the gear inside and an added level of protection.

Unlike other packs on this list, this includes a convenient, padded laptop compartment that allows you to take your laptop or other sensitive electronics anywhere you go. This gives the backpack the versatility necessary to function in both wilderness and urban settings, making this a splendid choice for short-range camping or as a daily school bag.

What we like:
Lightweight, comfortable, durable construction, water-resistant, maximum support, convenient features.
What we don't:
Small capacity.


Best Day Hiking Backpack

4. Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Camping Bag

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack for Camping Capacity : 55 L
Dimensions : 30″ x 17″ x 12″
Pack Weight : 4,50 lbs

This Teton Sports Scout backpack is a good, lightweight camping bag. Weighing approximately 4.5 lbs., its lightweight structure does not compromise on strength. Made of durable, high-strength nylon and other fabric, this backpack is capable of holding supplies for two to four days in comfort, depending on your packing style. This scout backpack is a good choice for both men and women thanks to its adjustable design.

Despite being lightweight, this backpack features an impressive 3400 cubic inches of internal capacity, which allows you to pack almost anything you need for the trail. It also features a strong internal frame that helps distribute weight comfortably across the back. Even distribution makes it comfortable to use for multiple days and relieve stress on your back. The Teton is an excellent backpack for lightweight, temperate camping.

What we like:
Lightweight, large interior, durable, comfortable, adjustable design.
What we don't:
Small drink holders, difficult to get internal frame bars back in.


Best Ultralight Backpack

5. The North Face Terra Backpack

The-North-Face-Terra-BackpackCapacity : 40 liters
Material: Nylon
Pack Weight :
1 lbs

If you are looking for a versatile backpack, then try the North Face Terra backpack. Not only is it good for hiking, but also traveling and working. It is a durable, yet comfortable backpack with a spacious interior for maximum storage. The nylon fabric featured in the construction of this backpack ensures long-lasting usage. Built with the user in mind, it features a lightweight design that also minimizes the load weight for a comfortable trip. The spacious interior enables you to pack all the necessary items that you’ll need for the outdoors.

The inner frame of this backpack is lightweight and comfortable. It features a side zipper that easily accesses the main compartment. The harness is padded and strong to ensure sufficient back support. With a plethora of storage compartments, this pack ensures you keep your items organized for easy accessibility. What’s best about this pack is that it is usable by both male and female users. With all the benefits this bag brings, it is worth every penny.

What we like:
Roomy interior, many compartments, durable, comfortable, lightweight, versatile usage, adjustable shoulder and hip straps.
What we don't:
Lacks raincover.

Other Best Options

6. Roamm Highline 30L Outdoor Backpack

Roamm Highline Backpack 30L Liter for CampingCapacity : 30 L
Dimensions : 11″ x 22″ x 11″
Pack Weight : 2,0 lbs

This backpack is made with comfort in mind. Featuring wide, thick, padded shoulder straps that distribute weight evenly, this pack is good for both men and women. It features additional storage inside the extra-large hip belt, giving you additional support from the hip straps, which you can also use for storing quick-access items like food or electronics.

Featuring a lightweight, internal frame, this waterproof backpack is good for rugged terrain. Keeping your goods dry, even in extreme weather conditions, is an important consideration for the kind of expeditions this bag was designed to serve. Having multiple convenient strap and clip areas for carrying trekking poles or snow axes, this backpack allows quick, easy access to your large gear. In addition, breathable mesh reduces sweating and allows extra air flow. This bag is comfortable to carry, even in hot climates.

What we like:
Comfortable, large storage capacity, lightweight, internal frame for support, waterproof.
What we don't:

7. Mardingtop Tactical Backpacking Backpacks

Mardingtop 28L Tactical Backpack for CampingCapacity : 28 L
Dimensions : 12″ x 10″ x 21″
Pack Weight : 2,70 lbs

Despite its name, this well-designed backpacking backpack is suitable for more scenarios than storming a castle. It features an internal hydration compartment (also known as a water sack) that holds up to 2.5 liters of water. Not only does it hold water, but a tube which comes out from the top of the backpack provides easy, convenient drinking access without having to stop and pull out a water bottle.

It also features multiple back webbing attachment points, making it great for affixing gear, tools, or other items too large to fit the internal compartments. It offers a spacious 28 liters of internal storage and is made from strong, durable polyester. Not only does this backpack look impressive, but it functions superbly for short-distance camping or hiking.

What we like:
Compact design, hydration compartment for water, comfortable, strong and durable construction, beautiful design.
What we don't:
Not big enough for long-distance camping.

8. Crazy Ants, Large Hiking and Camping Pack

CRAZY ANTS Large Military Tactical BackpackCapacity : 50 L
Dimensions : 25″ x 13″ x 9″
Pack Weight : 3,75 lbs

Despite a more subdued design compared to other alternatives, the Crazy Ants Military Tactical Hiking and camping Daypack is still an impressive design. Unlike many other hiking backpacks, you can carry this comfortably with just one shoulder strap, or you can use both without cumbersome hip straps in the way. This allows terrific versatility in the way you carry this bag. Since this is a short-distance daypack, the decreased support will not be a problem.

This backpack offers comfortable hand straps, which allow you to carry it like a duffle bag. With multiple carrying methods, this backpack serves conveniently as a travel bag or a school backpack, whichever you choose. Made from heavy-duty polyester, it also features a rain cover that keep its contents dry in wet weather.

What we like:
Large interior, impressive design, versatile, comfortable.
What we don't:
Lacks internal frame for support.

9. Mardingtop Internal Frame, Backpack for Camping Hiking

Mardingtop 65L Internal Frame BackpackCapacity : 65 L
Dimensions : 11″ x 7″ x 35″
Pack Weight : 6,10 lbs

The Mardingtop tactical, military-style rucksack has several unique, innovative features. Most notable is its two, large side-pockets. These pockets can carry tightly rolled sleeping pads, tents, or other large gear. Since they are also detachable, you can remove them before you hike if they are not the right size or shape for your adventure.

This backpack is highly water-resistant, being designed with strong polyester. It features a built-in rain-cover, ensuring that weather will not be an issue. It also provides ample internal storage. Pair this with its auxiliary, external pouches and multiple anchor points for larger or bulky gear and this is an ideal backpack for long-distance hiking or camping.

What we like:
Large packing capacity, lightweight, water-resistant, multiple storage pockets.
What we don't:
Cheap looking material design.

10. Osprey Farpoint 40 Men’s Travel Backpack

Osprey-Farpoint-40-Men's-Travel-BackpackCapacity : 40 liters
Dimensions : 22’’x 14’’x9’’
Pack Weight : 3.2 lbs.

You know you are on the right track to finding a backpack when you think Osprey products. The Osprey Farpoint 40 is not only stylish, it is also comfortable and versatile. For starters, it is a spacious traveling bag that enables you to carry most of your essentials. The main compartment has a capacity of 40 liters with top loading design. Also, the bag has a large U-zip closure and sliders for additional security. With the padded shoulder strap, you can carry it as a duffel bag.

You know you are on the right track to finding a backpack when you think Osprey products. The Osprey Farpoint 40 is not only stylish, it is also comfortable and versatile. For starters, it is a spacious traveling bag that enables you to carry most of your essentials. The main compartment has a capacity of 40 liters with top loading design. Also, the bag has a large U-zip closure and sliders for additional security. With the padded shoulder strap, you can carry it as a duffel bag.

What we like:
Multiple carrying styles, spacious, comfortable, lightweight design, and numerous compartments.
What we don't:
Lacks an exterior water bottle compartment


best camping backpack



Camping Backpack Buying Guide

What should you consider when you choose a camping backpack? Finding the perfect backpack for your camping adventures and be a daunting challenge of its own. If you’re like most people, you simply don’t know what to look for. To overcome this dilemma, we’ve compiled a summary of the most important factors you need to consider to find backpack that meets your needs and matches your adventure.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Camping Backpack

  1. Size

    Finding the right size for your backpack is crucial. Backpacks can come in a variety of sizes, ranging from backpacks for infants to camping backpacks for large adults who plan to carry a week’s worth of supplies. Choose a backpack that will fit your body shape, size, and camping desires comfortably.

    To do this, you should look for a design that extends from the base of your neck to the top of your hips. This is your ideal zone for carrying things. If your pack is much taller, you will suffer balance and weight distribution problems. When your pack pushes down on your shoulders instead of pulling back, hiking and walking will be more difficult and uncomfortable. However, if your backpack hands too low and extends below your glutes, then you’ll experience needless friction with every step, ensuring a very uncomfortable journey. A good backpack for a person 6 feet. 8 inches tall will not be ideal for somebody who is 5 feet, 5 inches tall.

    Another important factor to consider is whether it includes a frame that takes up storage size when not in use. Backpacks with frames of any kind can require a lot of storage space in your home or garage. If your home storage space is sparse, you may want to forgo a backpack with a frame.

  2. Straps

    Good hiking and camping backpacks offer a variety of straps. Beyond standard shoulder straps, look for chest and waist straps as well. These straps are a vitally important for securing and carrying any backpack load. Anyone who has hiked long distances both with and without these additional straps will confirm the benefit of these additional straps. They distribute the weight of your backpack more evenly, ensuring a more comfortable, ergonomic hiking experience. It relieves stress at strategic points and can serve as an important, long-term health consideration, especially for lifestyle backpackers.

  3. Internal Storage Volume

    Storage volume is a very important consideration, especially if you are going to camp or live out of your backpack. It may seem strange that backpacks with the same dimensions can offer differing load capacities, but many backpacks, especially those not designed for camping, often feature space-consuming compartment dividers. Additional interior pockets, compartments, and insulation can significantly reduce the overall space, volume, and efficiency of your bag. Though numerous interior pockets may at first seem like a good idea, you will later discover that they diminish space for the items you want

  4. Weather Conditions

    This is an important one that all backpackers should consider. Buying a backpack that will meet the weather conditions of the places where you typically go camping. If for the most part your camping is in arid climates then a waterproof backpack will not be a necessity. However, many individuals find themselves occasionally hiking, climbing, camping, and backpacking in a variety of different weather conditions. Thing such as snow or heavy rain can seep through the backpack walls and get things wet inside your bag. Having a backpack that is waterproof with zippers that are also water resistant is an important consideration if you are hiking in wet or damp climates.

    Getting insulated backpacks can also be important during extreme cold weather camping or backpacking. Keeping food and water thawed will be important once you reach your destination. An insulated backpack can help keep those items serviceable and ready for use at a moment’s notice.

  5. Design

    It may seem strange to think that something like aesthetics makes a list of important things to consider. But this is going to be a bag which you are going to be carrying likely for many years. Although you may think that a particular bag is cool or trending now, getting bags that have a more timeless design will mean that it will still be a backpack you will want to use in 20 or 30 years.

    There are many backpacks on the market today that try to fit a certain trend or demographic from camping backpacks that feature Pokémon to their equivalent adult versions. Keeping a more low-key profile design not only is likely to be cheaper but also will continue to be a backpack you will be able to use time and time again. This is especially true for children’s backpacks. Your backpack should have a more timeless quality which not only makes it good for using now but will also continue to look good on the trails for decades to come.

Camping Backpack Using Tips

Camping backpack efficiency tips are an often overlooked subset of the backpacks themselves. Having the perfect backpack and knowing how to properly utilize it are two very different things. A backpack is just a tool, but if you continue to bring poor packing and utilization skills along, this tool will not serve you well. So what are some of the best tips to make sure that you utilize your backpack to its fullest potential?

camping backpack reviews and features

  • Shoulder Straps

    One of the big problems that affects many individuals utilizing a camping backpack for the first time is having the straps be too loose. Straps that are too loose are not going to effectively help support the backpack and may cause rubbing or chafing which can be very uncomfortable, especially on long hikes. A backpack ought to fit snugly and securely and not move, shuffle, or flop if you do a sudden movement. Think of a backpack as an extension of your body and so it should move without hesitation with the rest of you. If your straps are sliding, then your straps are not secured properly. This not only can help with the short-term comfort of a hike but also help prevent against long-term problems if you’re an individual who hikes on a regular basis.

  • Pack Light

    This is part of the methodology of packing smarter. Clothes and items that are good for use in your home or camping out of your car or even at a developed campsite are not nearly the same kind of items to use for serious camping trips. There is an entire market of items available that are designed to do everything that you need with a fraction of the weight and size allotment. Camping stoves for instance can weigh just a few ounces and pack up tightly which makes them ideal to have if you intend to eat hot meals on the trail.

    Lightweight tents or sleeping pads along with good compression rain jackets and food safely secured in waterproof bags are all important things to have for almost any camping trip. Having the right gear to go into your bag is an important part of being able to use it efficiently. Certainly your camping backpack can hold anything you can fit inside it but a camping backpack is best used to its full potential by people who use lightweight gear, lightweight tools, and space-saving equipment. This will allow you to pack far more efficiently and fit more in your bag for the same amount of carry weight.

  • Weight Distribution

    This is one that often plagues novice backpackers for the first time and that is proper weight distribution. Just because everything fits in the bag, or can be strapped to the bag, does not mean that the weight has been distributed properly. Proper weight distribution is critically important, especially for long distance hiking. If your backpack has too much weight on one side, it can lead to your backpack pulling harder on you in that direction. And that can lead to stress, fatigue, and a general uncomfortableness with the backpack.

    Large items like tents or bedrolls ought to be strapped to the top of the pack while lighter weight bulky items like sleeping bags or folding camp chairs get strapped to different sides. Good weight distribution will also ensure that the fabric on your backpack is not put under too much stress at any given point. If you are trying to attach all of your gear to just a couple of small areas, not only will it be uncomfortable for you to carry but it can also begin to weaken those areas on your backpack, decreasing its longevity.

  • Posture

    Along with weight distribution, proper posture is another important aspect of comfortable and healthy hiking. Even if your backpack is weighted and secured correctly – and not too heavy – if you have bad hiking or walking posture, it will still cause stress, pain, and fatigue. Proper hiking posture can include things like slightly leaning the shoulders forward so that the center of gravity for the bag is in line with your hips.

    You want the center of gravity over your feet as much as possible when hiking and so packing and doing weight distribution to help accommodate this is one important factor that can assist in improving your hiking posture. To maintain proper support and posture, many backpackers even use hiking poles. However you choose to accomplish it, good posture will be a major enhancement to effectively using your camping backpack.

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Wrap Up

With all this information at your disposal, finding the best camping backpack has never been easier. With knowledge of some of the best features, designs, and important tips for using a backpack effectively, you will be able to enjoy your camping backpack to a far greater degree than ever. Going outdoors and living life with the right camping backpack is not only healthy. It is also fun and can help you enjoy life to the fullest.

Your camping backpack will represent the kind of adventure you want to live out and the kind of places you want to go. With the help of a complete camping backpack review, you’ll discover that these backpacks are more than just bags for holding stuff. They are vital tools for wilderness camping, and they enable you to enjoy the great outdoors like never before. With all this in mind, the real question is not, “When will you get your camping backpack?” but, “When will you begin”?

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