Best Camping Flashlights of 2022

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Enjoy the outdoors by camping alone or with friends. As you probably know, the best part of camping is staying out at night, sitting around the bonfire or gazing up at the stars. Yet even in this mesmerizing scenarios, you’ll need some source of light to guide you in the darkness of the woods at night? Many nighttime camping activities require clear vision for an enjoyable experience, vision that moonlight alone cannot provide. Therefore, you need a flashlight (in case your phone light is unavailable, of course). The overwhelming variety of flashlights on the market make finding the best camping flashlight for your needs a daunting challenge. Our reviews will give you the outlook you need to know which one to buy.

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Best Overall Camping Flashlight

1. Ledlenser MT10 Handheld Flashlight

Ledlenser MT10 Rechargeable Handheld Flashlight 1000 Lumens Outdoor Series for CampingPower: 1000 Lumens
Runtime/Battery: 192 hrs / 5000 mAh rechargeable battery
Distance: 400 m

You will need a powerful mini camping flashlight for all sorts of situations and this Ledlenser MT10 will give you unparalleled performance to match the task. Smart light technology makes this flashlight easy to use, thanks to power, low power, and defense strobe functions. In addition, it uses 1000 lumens for adequate brightness outdoors. An advanced focus system gives allows you to see objects near or far away from you.

This is a good rechargeable flashlight for summer camp because it provides up to 192 hours on a single charge. What’s more, you get an 80% quick recharge in only 4 hours. A USB port offers convenient charging and the smart lock feature keeps the light off until you turn it on. You can add or reduce light with the temperature control system and you can monitor charge and battery life through the built-in indicator.

What we like:
Easy to use, sufficient brightness, advanced focus system, long battery life, fast charging, convenient charging port, smart lock feature, adjustable brightness, displays the battery status.
What we don't:
High price.



Best Rechargeable Camping Flashlight

2. Olight Baton Pro Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Olight Baton Pro High Performance Small LED FlashlightPower: 2000 Lumens
Runtime/Battery: 9 days / 3500 mAh rechargeable battery
Distance: 132m,  max beam intensity 4350 CD

The Olight Baton Pro is the most recent version from Olight delivering an advanced collection of features and performance. As far as its size is concerned, the Baton Pro is 25% bigger than its predecessor and has a TIR lens housed in an 18mm case. This model boasts of a whole 2000 lumens of power output with a high performing LED cool white available. This is made possible by the 3500mAh battery that is also rechargeable. It also comes with innovative features such as the thermal control which prevents the flashlight from overheating due to high output.

All backpacking needs are well taken care of by this ergonomically designed flashlight. It comes with a dual-directional pocket clip made from stainless steel with a blue coating for aesthetics. This ensures the flashlight easily attaches to your backpack pocket or belt and can be easily retrieved when needed.

What we like:
A strong and sturdy build quality, made from aluminum alloy, powerful and rechargeable battery that comes with the package, comes with Olight’s warranty of 5 yrs.
What we don't:
The only thing that we have a problem with the Olight Baton Pro is that its custom battery locks out the rest of the batteries. It is not compatible with other batteries.



Best Budget Flashlight

3. GearLight Strong Mini LED Flashlight

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight Water Resistant Handheld Light OutdoorPower: 1000 Lumens
Runtime/Battery: – / 3 AAA batteries
Distance: 300 m

The GearLight LED Flashlight is a compact flashlight that provides sufficient light outdoors. You can use it to light up your family tent or focus on a specific point up to 1000 feet away at night. This long-range capability is made possible by three AAA batteries or a single 18650 rechargeable battery. Five settings include: high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. You can easily adjust the focus from wide to narrow.

A waterproof design enables extreme outdoor usage. It will operate even if you drop it in water. A sturdy build withstands the harshest treatment, like dropping onto rocky surfaces or freezing. Use this mini flashlight in extreme weather or even at home.

What we like:
Bright light, compact design long range focus, plenty of useful settings, adjustable brightness, waterproof design, sturdy construction, affordable.
What we don't:
Flashlight lens easily scratches,



Brightest Flashlight

4. Buysight Bright Handheld Strong Flashlight

BUYSIGHT Bright Rechargeable Searchlight handheld LED Flashlight for CampingPower: 6000 Lumens
Runtime/Battery: 20 hrs / 9600 mAh rechargeable battery
Distance: 800 m

Camping in the woods requires a high lumen flashlight with convenient usability. The CREE L2 LED lamp features 6000 lumens and provides two levels of brightness, with an illumination distance of 800 m. This feature makes it suitable for outdoor use. Battery capacity is up to 9000 mAh, enabling a long run time for outdoor convenience. A smart, multiple protection feature provides safety when charging the unit and when charge your compatible devices as well.

Extreme outdoor backpackers find this small unit handy due to its IP-4 waterproof rating, suitable for unfavorable weather conditions. An ergonomic design offers a comfortable handle and a lengthy shoulder strap that you can adjust for carrying. Carry this light effortlessly wherever you go, as it weighs only 618 g.

What we like:
Extremely bright, two brightness levels, long illumination distance, longer battery life, multiple protection feature, small and convenient design, waterproof, ergonomic portable design, lightweight..
What we don't:
Not entirely durable.



Other Best Options

5. Maglite Water Resistant LED Flashlight

Maglite-Water-Resistant-LED-FlashlightPower: 168 Lumens
Runtime/Battery: 80 hrs / 3 D size batteries
Distance: 412 m, Peak Beam intensity: 42533 CD

The Maglite LED 3-Cell D is a uniquely designed flashlight with features whose quality is by far more advanced than most of the LED flashlights on the market. It features an anodized interior and exterior for better resistance against corrosive elements. And, what is more, the Maglite LED 3-Cell flashlight can serve both professional campers and beginners. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which you’re probably not going to need because the build quality is one that can last ages. The flashlight can withstand the day to day drops and what is more, it is water-resistant with an IPX4 rating. The Maglite LED 3-Cell D Flashlight comes in only two sizes. The other size is a 2-cell D flashlight.

What we like:
The Maglite LED 3-Cell D Flashlight is made of an aluminum body, which makes it both lightweight and weather-resistant, It has a superior build quality that is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Easy to use hence ideal for both experts and beginners in outdoor camping, Comes in a wide variety of colors for the buyer to exercise choice freely
What we don't:
We were a little heartbroken by the fact that the Maglite LED 3-Cell D Flashlight is not rechargeable


6. Streamlight 88066 ProTac Tactical Flashlight

Streamlight-88066-ProTac-Tactical-FlashlightPower: 1000 Lumens
Runtime/Battery: 23 hrs / 2 CR123A batteries
Distance: 332 m

The Streamlight 88066 ProTac is a high-end flashlight designed with a weapon-holder in mind. It features a rail clamp to attach it to a rifle, submarine gun, or carbine that has a MIL standard 1913 rail. However, this is not even the main catch with this flashlight. The usability for campers is. The Streamlight 88066 ProTac measures only 5.43-in. long, 1.45-in. wide, and 1.72-in. high with a weight of 6.4 oz. This means the flashlight is fairly lightweight which makes it ideal for backpackers.

Furthermore, the flashlight has super versatility when it comes to compatibility with batteries. It can work with either CR123A batteries or 18650 Li-Ion batteries. As if that is not enough, this flashlight can run for a whole 1.25-hrs. on maximum illumination. However, if you are nowhere close to a charging source, you can extend run time to 20 hrs. by lowering the illumination to 60 lumens.

What we like:
Strong build quality with weather-resistant capability. This flashlight can survive underwater for up to 30 min, It can use both CR123A and 18650 batteries (only CR123A batteries are included), It is rechargeable and can offer prolonged run time even on maximum illumination
What we don't:
This flashlight 18650 Li-Ion battery is not included in the package


7. Geprosma Handheld Waterproof  Flashlight 

Geprosma Super Bright Rechargeable LED Flashlight Long Lasting WaterproofPower: 6000 Lumens
Runtime/Battery: 30 hrs / 10000 mAh rechargeable battery
Distance: 800 m

This Geprosma 2018 is the best and brightest flashlight, featuring many functions that make it suitable for nighttime camping. Use this as a flashlight or illumine your tent, as it comes with a separate, bright, side flood lantern. Thanks to a high-lumens, CREE LED light, it functions as a bright spotlight that can reach up to 800 m at night. A high/low brightness mode allows you to reduce brightness to save battery life.

This flashlight comes with four high-powered, rechargeable 18650 batteries and a USB output power bank for charging your phone. A smart, multiple protection feature includes overcharge/over-discharge protection, ensuring complete safety when charging. You get up to 10 hours runtime for high light output and 30 hours for low light. A large handle equips the flashlight to hand easily as a lantern, and you can add a strap for increased portability. It easily mounts on a tripod and has a waterproof design.

What we like:
Super strong and powerful light, long beam distance, adjustable brightness, includes four rechargeable batteries, multiple protection feature, sufficient battery life, excellent portability, hangable design, waterproof design, easy to handle.
What we don't:
Bulky design.



best camping flashlight

Our Criteria for Choosing Best Camping Flashlight


  1. Lumen

    The primary purpose for a camping flashlight is to enhance your vision in the dark. You need a flashlight with adequate brightness. Lumens determine the amount of brightness a flashlight provides, so the more the lumens, the brighter the light. If you plan to use a low-light mode, then lumens less of a concern. Ideally, your camping flashlight should be neither too bright nor too dim. Use high-light settings to alert others in emergency situations. A red-light mode functions similarly, but with less harm to your pupils, making it suitable for a person who reads books in his tent.

  2. Beam Distance

    Since you need to see the path ahead as you’re walking, a flashlight with low beam distance will limit your vision and impede your hiking progress. For this reason, you should to choose a flashlight that illumines long distances, calculated in meters.

  3. Size

    Sizes determines the amount and duration of light you receive. It also determines portability. Smaller models are easy to pack for outdoor use and require minimal charge, but they will also emit low light compared to larger counterparts. Large flashlights provide more powerful lighting, but they are also bulkier.

  4. Weight

    The weight of any object determines it’s carrying method, and this applies to flashlights. Heavier options will greatly reduce portability, making them suitable only for car camping. Lighter and small camping flashlights enable portability and are suitable for backpacking.

  5. Construction Material

    The material used in making a flashlight, whether aluminum or plastic, determines its durability. While plastic flashlights are easier to carry, they don’t survive impact very well. Aluminum-cased flashlights are sturdy, tough, and resist impact to enable long usage, but they are heavier than plastic alternatives.

  6. Runtime

    Choose a flashlight that matches your needs. This is especially true outdoors because your electricity supply will be uncertain, requiring a flashlight with a long runtime. The brighter the flashlight, the shorter the runtime. A long runtime ensures that you will be able to finish your nighttime camping and backpacking activities with proper lighting. Most models come with a low-light setting, enabling you to lengthen runtime as needed.

    LED flashlights are ideal for outdoor use since they provide consistent light over long periods and consume less power. Incandescent bulbs emit excessive light and reduce the runtime. Though they’re least expensive on the front end, an LED light will save money over time.

  7. Batteries

    Batteries are an essential flashlight feature because they power the flashlight. Some flashlights come with rechargeable batteries, while others require disposable cells. The former will reduce cost over time because you will use electricity or charging devices to recharge them. Disposable batteries incur ongoing expense.

  8. Water Resistance

    Though not the most important factor, water resistance is a significant feature nonetheless, especially if you’ll be hiking or camping in wet conditions. The IPX rating system measures water resistance. A higher IPX rating equals higher water resistance, suitable for wet conditions like fishing and swimming. The rating system is as follows:

    IPX1 – Water leaking onto the flashlight will not damage it.
    IPX2 – At 15 degrees inclination, dripping water will not affect the flashlight.
    IPX3 – Spraying water will not cause damage.
    IPX4 – Splashing water from any angle will not affect the flashlight.
    IPX5 – Nozzle water will not affect the flashlight.
    IPX6 – Jet water will not harm the flashlight.
    IPX7 – The flashlight can be submerged up to 1 m for 30 min. without ruining it.
    IPX8 – Sustained underwater immersion will never affect the flashlight.

  9. Cost

    If you want premium performance, then you should expect to pay more for your flashlight. High-end flashlights are durable, brighter, and easier to operate. They also provide longer runtimes. However, with some research, you can find these qualities in a low-priced flashlight as well.

  10. Why You Need a Camping Flashlight

    A flashlight is a useful camping tool because of the following benefits:

    • Minimize Accidents

      Accidents are common, especially in the dark, and they happen when you bump into a tool when walking to your tent. You can also trip and fall over rocks or gnarled roots in the woods and this can cause serious injury. A flashlight will light up your path and help you avoid stumbling into rocks, roots, objects, or even a person.

    • Save Energy

      Though most smartphones come with a flashlight, using them frequently will drain the battery at a faster rate than usual. This requires you to recharge your phone more frequently, which may be difficult or impossible when you’re camping in the woods. To minimize phone use, use a flashlight instead.

    • Enjoy Convenience

      A flashlight provides clear visuals when you’re camping or backpacking in the dark. Even standard camping flashlights are highly portable. You can carry one by hand or fasten it to your bag. When your lanterns or headlamps stop working, you can access your flashlight easily.

    • Be Prepared for an Emergency

      You can use your flashlight to get help in case of an emergency. Camping emergencies include getting lost or suffering a serious and sudden injury. By flashing your light, people will locate you more easily to provide necessary assistance.

    • Be Safe

      A sturdy, heavy camping flashlight better equips you to protect yourself from a wild animal or nighttime burglar. Hit them with your flashlight to buy some time or escape. Also, shining the light directly at some animals will scare them away.

camping flashlight reviews

Wrap Up

A flashlight that lights your pathway clearly is an essential part of your camping gear. Recent advancements in flashlight technology demonstrate that a good camping flashlight is not outdated. In addition, it is easier to direct the light from a flashlight than with a headlamp. This is only one of the differences between them. Also, you can access them easily in times of emergency and can serve in place of your camping lantern or headlight when the need arises and will perform nearly as well. The large number of flashlights on the market make it difficult to find one that best rated camping flashlight. Thankfully, our reviews can narrow your search. A good flashlight will come in handy in all sorts of outdoor situations, and you can get one at an affordable prices. You will not regret adding a flashlight to your camping gear.

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