Best Camping Headlamps of 2022

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You may be surprised to learn that headlamps have been in use for hundreds of years. Miners would light a candle, which reflected on a shiny metal surface that mounted to their heads. These contraptions were difficult to use, unsafe, and prone to going out. Modern headlamps are vastly improved. Not all headlamps are created equal. They come in a broad range of power and versatility. Some are designed to swivel, while others are fixed in place. Some provide excellent, focused beams of light, while others provide a more radius-type affect. Finding the best camping headlamp requires some research before you make a purchase, rather than buying the first one you see.

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Best Overall Camping Headlamp

1. EdisonBright Fenix HL60R Camping Headlamp

EdisonBright Bundle Fenix Rechargeable Camping HeadlampPower: 950 Lumens
Water Resistance: IPX-8
Max Run Time: 100 Hours

The EdisonBright outshines older headlamp models. Not only does it feature large batteries, but these batteries also offer another unique feature: they charge with a USB cord. This is a nifty, innovative way form of dual functionality for anyone who already carries a USB cord to charge their phone. That same power source can charge this headlamp.

Producing about 950 lumens, this headlamp’s LED bulb is rated for a lifespan of 50,000 hours. So, if you keep this lightbulb on continuously, it would last more than five-and-a-half years. It is little wonder why the EdisonBright made our list. With a long-lasting lightbulb, easy-charge batteries, and a good amount of light for its size, the EdisonBright is a very capable camping headlamp.

What we like:
Long battery lifespan, easy charge batteries, bright light, compact and convenient.
What we don't:
Heats up in high mode, expensive.

Best Rechargeable Camping Headlamp

2. SLONIK, Led Headlamp

SLONIK Rechargeable Led HeadlampPower: 1000 Lumens
Water Resistance: IPX-6
Max Run Time: 8 Hours

This powerful headlight features a 1000 lumen rechargeable headband. The 1000 lumens deliver far reach and allow you to see up to 220 yards. This exceptional range is great when high distance visibility is needed in your backpacking trip. In addition, it charges easily with a USB cable, keeping it convenient and ready to go. Despite this convenience, you should know that headlamps with rechargeable batteries can grow dim and fail quickly, so it is important to keep the batteries fully charged as often as possible.

Another unique feature about this headlamp is its waterproof and dustproof design. Water and dirt often wreak havoc with headlamps, decreasing their service life. But this headlamp is designed for extreme conditions, able to shrug off all kinds of inclement weather. The lightbulbs are rated for 100,000 hours, meaning that with regular use, this headlight can last over a decade before the lightbulbs need replaced.

What we like:
Long distance visibility, charges easily, outdoor ready, waterproof, dustproof, durable, lightweight, long lifespan, comfortable headband, easy to use switch.
What we don't:
The switch can get faulty with time.

Best Budget Headlamp

3. Cobiz Newest, Camping Headlamp

NEWEST Ultra Bright Camping Headlamp FlashlightPower: 6000 Lumens
Water Resistance: IPX-4
Max Run Time: 8 Hours

The Newest Ultra Bright Headlamp has a simple, mainline design, resembling what people first consider a headlamp to be. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, this headlamp features multiple light settings. It offers three modes, including;

  • A low light setting for close work like reading,
  • A high light setting for walking and long-distance viewing,
  • An emergency strobe setting that helps people find you in the dark.

A unique feature of this headlamp is that it comes with its own carrying case, which enhances durability and longevity. This case also allows greater versatility in the kinds of places and ways you pack or store your headlamp without crushing or scratching it.

What we like:
Simple design, multiple light settings, water-resistant construction, delivers bright light, durable construction, convenient storage.
What we don't:
Short battery life.

Best Ultralight Headlamp

4. Princeton Tec Remix, LED Headlamp for Camping

Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamp for CampingPower: 300 Lumens
Water Resistance: IPX-4
Max Run Time: 150 Hours

The Princeton Tec is an intriguing headlamp that features some unique design details that make it stand out. Those who are familiar with headlamps will be surprised to know that this one doesn’t have an overhead strap. It uses a fitness headband instead. Despite this difference, it remains highly capable.

With about 300 lumens in brightness, this headlamp utilizes four lights, not one. These include a single large light than can be used in tandem with three smaller lights, offering a greater level of versatility for the amount of light needed. These lights will run for about 150 hours on the batteries provided (three AAA are included). Having standard, no- specialty batteries is a plus, since replacing specialized batteries is often quite difficult and you can find AAA batteries at any general store.

What we like:
Unique design, comfortable headband, bright light, long battery life, readily available batteries.
What we don't:
Delicate construction.

Other Best Options

5. Lighthouse Beacon, Super Bright LED Headlamp

Lighthouse Beacon Super Bright LED HeadlampPower: 1000 Lumens
Water Resistance: IPX-4
Max Run Time: 30 Hours

The Lighthouse Beacon Headlamp certainly lives up to its name. Featuring a lightbulb and overall light fixture that is larger than most other headlamps, it produces over 1000 lumens of light. This is an exceptional amount of light for a headlamp, giving it more of a resemblance to a spotlight than to a traditional headlamp. Still, this light does diminish battery longevity. Powered by two AA batteries, this headlamp has a lifespan of about 30 hours per charge.

For most people, 30 hours is more than enough time, especially with the advantage of such significantly amounts of light, in contrast to dimmer, smaller, but longer-lasting, headlamps. Finding replacement AA batteries will be easy, since they are easy to find at most store. What’s more, you can carry some back-up batteries easily.

What we like:
Brilliant light, durable battery life, water-resistant.
What we don't:
Bulky design, high setting heats it up and melts the plastic construction.


6. Cobiz Brightest Headlamp for Camping

Cobiz Brightest Headlight for CampingPower: 6000 Lumens
Water Resistance: IPX-4
Max Run Time: 8 Hours

This Cobiz model is clearly one of the brightest headlamps on the market today. Featuring a staggeringly powerful 6000 lumens, it is ideal for long-distance lighting situations in open terrain, when spelunking, or even during nighttime activities. These 6000 lumens will turn your night into day.

In addition stunning brightness, this headlamp also offers a variety of light settings allowing you to choose a low-powered light or a more focused light. It also has a diffused light setting for a wider light range, though not as bright and even as an emergency strobe. A combination of power and versatility earns this headlamp a spot on our list.

What we like:
Brightest, long-distance lighting, plenty of light settings, durable performance.
What we don't:
Bulky construction.


7. SmarterLife Backpacking Headlamp

SmarterLife LED Headlamp Light for CampingPower: 115 Lumens
Water Resistance: IPX-6
Max Run Time: 38 Hours

If simplicity and versatility are what you want, then this LED headlamp is ideal for backpacking. It is neither as powerful nor as rugged as other headlamps on our list. It does offer some unique features which help it stand out and which make it an excellent backup or emergency option. A most notable features is its built-in strobe SOS setting, which flashes an internationally recognized help symbol in an emergency.

In addition, the headlamp comes in several bright colors, including neon green, pink, and blue. A black version is available for those who prefer subdued colors. This headlamp also sports red LED lights, which increase noticeability in case of emergencies.

What we like:
Simple design, versatile, multiple light features, available in plenty of beautiful colors, waterproof design, lightweight, long battery life.
What we don't:
Not as bright.


8. The Original DinoBryte LED Headlamp for Kids

The-Original-DinoBryte-LED-Kids-HeadlampPower: 50 Lumens
Water Resistance: Unspecified
Max Run Time: 5 Hours

The Original DinoBryte LED Headlamp is probably one of the best headlamps on the market today. Apart from being interestingly dynamic and stylish in its design, this headlamp is easy to use. What is more, it can be used by people of all ages from 6 yrs. onwards. It guarantees high levels of safety as it fits perfectly on your head thanks to the adjustable straps.

Like other American brands on the market, the Original DinoBryte LED Headlamp boasts of very high levels of customer loyalty and this can be evidenced by the numerous positive reviews available online. Some of its best features include the super bright LED light which is powered by 3 triple-A batteries. And, by the way, the batteries are included in the package.

What we like:
It is stylishly designed with super bright LED lights and a realistic roaring sound, pretty easy to use (Just close the jaws and it will light up, giving out realistic roaring sounds) the light continues after the sounds stop, it can be used by individuals of different age groups
What we don't:
Cannot be used by children below 6 yrs, you cannot adjust the brightness of the light, not very bright
best camping headlamp

Our Criteria for Choosing Best Camping Headlamp


  1. Light Strength

    How much light does the headlamp produce? Some of the cheapest headlamps on the market may seem bright at first (esp. in the store), but they may not be as powerful as they seem. A headlamp that appears to be bright when you point it at your face is not necessarily bright enough. In a big, open, wooded area when, you may find that the light from the headlamp is not adequate for the distance or area that you need or desire.

    Look on the package or in the product description for information about the headlamp’s lumens rating (which is how light is measured). One lumen is as bright as approximately one candle. Knowing the number of lumens that your headlamp is designed to emit will give you a better understanding of the light output you should expect to receive. Some headlamp manufacturers forgo the lumen system and measure light output by how far away it will be visible, whether in feet or meters.

    Regardless of what measurement standard the manufacturer chooses, you must select a headlamp bright enough to meet your needs. If you will be camping in thick underbrush, then a headlamp that is visible for miles may not be necessary. If you’re going to be hiking or walking in more open terrain and would like additional visibility, then finding a headlamp with higher lumens is an important consideration.

  2. Battery Life

    Battery types are very important when choosing your headlamp. Cheaper headlamps often offer poor battery life. As you know, a dead battery will usually occur when you least likely expect it. Checking the estimated battery life on your headlamp, on its packaging, or in an online review is a great way to ensure that you know how long your battery will last. Batteries don’t typically fail while the headlamp is in storage; they are most likely to fail when you are using the lamp. This problem will leave you in the dark, and changing headlamp batteries in the dark is a difficult task indeed.

    These batteries can also be expensive to replace. But if the battery life is short, then should consider purchasing extras to have on hand as spares. Sometimes the batteries are small and specialized, which makes them difficult to replace and expensive to buy. Price these things out ahead of time to make sure that you won’t end up paying more for batteries than you paid for the headlamp.

    Additionally, some batteries fare worse in extreme temperatures than others, even rechargeable ones. Batteries that get too hot or cold will likely lose their charge as well. Some manufacturers produce better quality batteries that are able to withstand these temperature extremes. If you intend to use your headlamp in extreme temperatures, then be knowledgeable about the battery manufacturer. Take time to learn whether these temperature swings may impact the longevity of your charge.

  3. Durability

    Environmental durability is always an important consideration. Some headlamps are better able to handle climate changes and rough handling. Evaluate whether the headlamp is water-resistant. Though you may not need a headlamp for scuba diving, having one that can survive an occasional shower without getting the batteries wet or failing a wise consideration. Weather can change at any time, so having a headlamp which is able to shrug off at some dampness is a nice feature to have. After all, the only thing worse than getting stuck out in the rain is getting stuck out in the rain in the dark.

    In addition to weather durability, another concern general durability. If a headlamp is the right price for your budget and puts out enough light to meet your needs, but it’s likely to break within a few days or weeks of buying it, it’s not worth the investment. The simple truth is that some headlamps are made better than others. Some can be dropped and packed badly, but continue to function well for many years, while others crack, break, or corrode, or are simply made of low-quality materials. To ensure durability, check online reviews to see how the headlamp performed for previous users and whether they were satisfied with their camping headlamp over its lifetime.

    camping headlamp buying guide

Wrap Up

As you can see from the following headlamp reviews, there is a huge variety of headlamps offering greater functionality, emergency protection, and a wide variety of other features like camping flashlights. Our reviews will help you choose the top-rated headlamp with ease by providing convenient, thorough analysis of some of the most important things to look for, the top features, and a brief overview of some of the best camping headlamps on the market today.

Whether you need a headlamp that can be submerged in water or one that is a spot light for your head, the variety of available headlamps ensures that you will be able to find one that meets your specific needs. A good camping headlamp will not increase your comfort and free up the use of your hands, but it may potentially serve as an emergency, life-saving device. With all this in mind, which headlamp are you going to buy?

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