Best Camping String Lights of 2022

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There is something about lights at night that creates such a peaceful and ambient environment. One that makes you want to go on and on with your indulgence. Well, it takes more than the amber from a campfire or the moonlight. Sometimes you have to create your own ambiance while camping outdoors. Just to supplement the natural light from the moon or the little flickers from the bonfire. What better way to do this than with a set of string lights? Today, the market is full of options when it comes to string lights. But, this doesn’t mean it is easy to find a perfect one for you. It is easy to come by a knockoff or one that’s just not good enough for you. Well, worry not, we’re here to help. Read on!

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Best Overall String Lights for Camping

1. Sunapex 48-ft. Solar String Lights Outdoor

Sunapex-48FT-Solar-String-Lights-OutdoorNumber of Bulbs: 15
String Length: 48 feet
Power Source: Solar

This is a 48-ft. string light from Sunapex that boasts of a reliable solar power source. It is an all-weather kind of string light as it features strong and flexible strands made from rubber. You no longer have to worry about the LED bulbs shattering because unlike their traditional counterparts they are made of plastic. Their waterproof nature means you can use them in any kind of weather. What is more, the solar panel still functions even in the absence of sunlight. On a full charge, the solar panel illuminates the LED bulbs for 8 hrs. And, that is not even the best part. This set produces four different lighting modes and turns on at sunset and off at sunrise automatically. This 48-ft. package comes with 15 bulbs that are easy to setup.

What we like:
It is shatterproof and waterproof allowing it to work under adverse weather conditions, Turns on and off automatically, Solar energy is readily available so you can use it in an outdoor campsite with no power outlets.
What we don't:
Relies on solar energy alone, so, may not be useful in the absence of the sun.



Best Battery Operated String Lights

2. Brightech Ambience Pro Camping Lights

Brightech-Ambience-Pro-USB-Battery-Powered-Waterproof-String-Lights-for-CampingNumber of Bulbs: 10
String Length: 27 feet
Power Source: USB source

These are 27-ft. camping string lights that come with 10 shatterproof LED bulbs. They are built to withstand the rugged nature of outdoor camping as you can tell from the tough strands that are not only waterproof but also resistant to other weather elements. The best part about these string lights is that they do not rely on power outlets to function. All you need is a regular USB port and you are good to go. Plugin the strings in your phone charging USB outlet and have your entire tent sufficiently lit.

What we like:
It is easy to set up, Each LED bulb produces a warm white 2700K light, It is ideal for outdoor camping since it does not rely on the presence of electricity outlets.
What we don't:
This set of camping string lights has a string of only 27 ft., which can be a little shorter. However, it is ideal for small tents.



Best Solar String Lights

3. Sunlitec Solar String Lights Waterproof LED

Sunlitec-Waterproof-Solar-String-LightsNumber of Bulbs: 25
String Length: 27 feet
Power Source: solar and rechargeable battery

The Sunlitec solar string lights are waterproof LED bulbs positioned 10 in. apart on a 27-ft. firm and durable strand. It comes with 25 bulbs, 1 watt each with a 3000K warm white light for the perfect ambiance. The best part is that this set has two power options. You can charge either through USB or solar panels. It features a 4500mAh battery that can light up all the 25 bulbs for 8 hrs. straight when fully charged. As far as installation is concerned, the strand is flexible and durable enough thus giving you the peace of mind to go about installation without the fear of breaking or damaging stuff.

What we like:
It is powered by both solar energy and batteries, This means that you can still use it in the event of absent sunlight, It comes with a large number of bulbs conveniently spaced.
What we don't:
The bulbs are not shatterproof. This means that you will have to be careful when handling.



Other Best Options

4. Lemontec Solar String Lights

Lemontec-Solar-String-LightsNumber of Bulbs: 30
String Length: 20 feet
Power Source: solar

This set features a solar-powered 1000mAh battery that lights 30 LED bulbs for up to 10 hrs. on a full charge. Each of the 30 bulbs occupies a position 20cm apart and the entire cable is 20 ft. in length. What is more, you do not need any special skills to install this set of string lights. It is waterproof meaning you can leave it in the pouring rain without risking damage. As far as ease of use is concerned, the Lemontec Solar String Lights are very easy to use. They come with two switches. One for powering it on and off and the other one for changing the lighting mode.

What we like:
It is versatile in the sense that one can put it to a wide range of uses other than outdoor camping, It comes with a generous number of bulbs.
What we don't:
May not be useful in the absence of sunlight. Thankfully, the battery lights the bulbs for long when fully charged.


5. Coleman LED String Lights

Coleman-LED-String-LightsNumber of Bulbs: 10
String Length: 80 inches
Power Source: 3 AA batteries

This is a simple set of string lights from Coleman consisting of 10 tiny LED lanterns stringed together on an 80-in. strand. It is one of the simplest designs, which makes it easy to set up. Also, the whole set up is quite lightweight. It draws power from 3 AA batteries. So, it has a total weight of 0.79 lbs. with the batteries included. This makes the Coleman LED String Lights the right choice for a backpacker.

What we like:
Its minimalistic design makes it ideal for a backpacker, It doesn’t require special skills to set up the string lights, Operates on 3 AA batteries that are easy to obtain.
What we don't:
It is too small for a large group of campers.


6. Metaku Globe String Lights Fairy Lights

Metaku-Globe-Battery-Operated-Outdoor-String-LightsNumber of Bulbs: 80
String Length: 33 feet
Power Source: 3 AA batteries

The Metaku Globe String Lights Fairy Lights come in a set of 80 LED bulbs put together on a 33-ft. strand. The lights have 8 modes of dimmable variants and to make it even more interesting, it comes with remote control. You can set up the lights outdoors thanks to the fact that the bulbs are waterproof with an IP67 rating. The setup uses 3 AA batteries as a power source for the bulbs. The only challenge is that you have to buy the batteries separately although they are not expensive. The fact that the lights are waterproof makes the Metaku Globe String Lights Fairy Lights the best option for outdoor campgrounds that lack power outlets.

What we like:
It is easy to set up this string lights in an outdoor campground since the bulbs are waterproof, Offers the convenience of using a remote control.
What we don't:
You need to buy the 3 AA batteries separately as they do not come with the package.


7. LE Globe String Lights, Battery Powered

LE-Battery-Powered-LED-Globe-String-LightsNumber of Bulbs: 50
String Length: 16.4 feet
Power Source: 3 AA batteries

This is another simplistic design of a camping string light ideal for both indoor and outdoor camping. The bulbs are set on a 5m strand and they are powered by 3 AA batteries although they do not come with the package. If you intend to set up this string light in the outdoors, you do not have to worry because it has a water resistance rating of IP44, which means it can withstand minor water splashes. Additionally, the string lights come with remote control, which makes it even more convenient to operate from any position.

What we like:
It is easy to set up as one does not require special skills to install, It offers great convenience as the lights come with a remote control, The water resistance makes it possible to install the string lights in the outdoors.
What we don't:
The 3 batteries do not come with the package so you will have to by separately.


8. ALOVECO LED String Lights

ALOVECO-LED-String-LightsNumber of Bulbs: 50
String Length: 18 feet
Power Source: 3 AA batteries

This set of string lights comes with a set of 50 waterproof light bulbs put together on an 18-ft. string. It is easy to use since all you need is a set of 3 AA batteries. This enhances the portability of the strings lights making them easy to carry to any outdoor beach setting. What is more, the strings lights come with remote control. This way, you get to control it from anywhere. With the remote control, you can power it on and off and also change the lighting from one mode to another as it comes in 8 different modes. Also regarding the modes, the remote allows you to set an automatic timer whereby the lights stay on for 6 hrs. then off for 18 hrs.

What we like:
It is easy to set up and use thanks to the remote control, This string light is portable as it uses 3 AA batteries that you can easily obtain from a convenience store.
What we don't:
The package does not include the batteries. So, you cannot use it immediately after purchase until you buy the batteries..



solar string light buying guide

Our Criteria for Choosing Best Camping String Light


  1. Source of Power

    This refers to the source of power to light up the bulbs. This decision should be guided by the kind of camping you intend to explore. If you are going to be camping in an established site, then you will not have trouble finding an electric outlet. In this case, it would be perfectly fine to buy an electric string light just so you can plug it into one of the outlets at the campsite or portable camping generator and have the lights come to life.

    If on the other hand, you are going for an outdoor camp in a wild location with no electric outlets, then you should buy a solar-powered, battery-powered, or USB powered string light. These sources of power will be found in the wild especially solar energy. Except of course if it’s the winter and the weather is cloudy. That’s when you can opt for USB or battery sources of power.

    The moment you settle of a specific source of power, ensure you put into consideration the cost implications as well as the ease of obtaining that source. For solar energy, availability usually depends on the weather. So, take the time to find out the kind of weather in the area you intend to visit for your camping. Establish the behavior of the sun to know if you can rely on it to power your string lights. As for the batteries, be sure you will be willing to spend on all the replacements you will be needing from time to time.

    If you are going to be using a USB source of power, be sure to check the power consumption of the string lights and the capability of the USB source to power them. You do not want to overwhelm your USB power source with too much load coming from the light bulbs. Luckily, the majority of the light bulbs are quite energy-saving so this won’t be a problem.

  2. Type and Number of Light Bulbs

    The type of bulb refers to the type of diode and the material used for the bulb. LED bulbs are more common because they are long-lasting and efficient in a way that helps with saving energy. As for the material of the bulb, the outdoor bulbs are better off if they are shatterproof. Most manufacturers make bulbs with plastic because it does not shatter and one doesn’t need to be too careful to avoid breakages. Whether you are planning for an outdoor or indoor camp, it is wiser to buy a shatterproof bulb as you never know what could happen. Shatterproof bulbs are more durable and this guarantees a longer life thus giving you the value for your money.

  3. Length of the Strand

    The length of the strand is a major concern when it comes to buying a set of camping string lights. This is because it determines the area your lights will cover once the installation is done. Shorter light strands will be a limitation regardless of whether you are covering a small area or a large one. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a longer strand, remember that the longer the string, the more the power consumption requirements will be. It is probably a good idea to stick to what the manufacturer recommends when it comes to strand length unless if you have access to an electric power source.

    Cost considerations should also guide your choice of string length. This is because longer strings will obviously cost more than their shorter counterparts. In this case, just buy as much string length as you will require. To do this, perform some measurements of the area you hope to cover with the string lights and make your purchases based on these measurements. This way, you will avoid making any extra purchases that would not be necessary for the long run.

  4. Lighting Modes and Effects

    This is an additional feature that helps to make the overall experience better for you and your colleagues. Most manufacturers nowadays make string lights with more than three lighting modes. This way, you get to change lighting effects depending on the mood you want to achieve.

    In addition to lighting effects, other features include the inclusion of remote control. The remote control helps to manage the settings of the string lights conveniently. You can imagine how tiring it would be if you were to go up the control center every time you wanted to change the lighting effects or turn the lights on and off. Other manufacturers include an automatic timer that turns the string lights on and off depending on the time of day. If you feel that these features could make your experience better, then do not hesitate to look them up when buying a set of string lights.

  5. Durability and Weather Resistance

    This refers to the string lights’ ability to withstand the different weather elements as well as general wear and tear. An ideal string light should have tough strands and shatterproof bulbs. Additionally, it should be made from materials that can withstand different weather conditions. For instance, a waterproof light bulb will mean that you won’t have to disassemble the string lights on a rainy day. Light bulbs with waterproofing ratings of IP67 and above perform really well even under heavy rainfall. Apart from being waterproof, the materials should also be heat-resistant enough to brave the scorching sun on a sunny day.

camping string light reviews

Wrap up

String lights create ambiance in picnics and during festival occasions. Holiday festivals are among the festivals during which string lights are put into use. Buying a new set is hard if you don’t know what to look for and this does not only apply to newbies. It is not surprising at all that even experts sometimes struggle to find a good set of camping string lights. Well, if you have read this piece word by word, then we believe you are in a much better position to make the right buying decision. String lights not only light up the room but also play the role of contributing to aesthetics and ambiance. However, it still pays to put in some extra effort and get creative with the setup of a string light. Our article gets you started on a journey to experience the best of what camping string lights can offer.

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