Which One is Right For You? Camping vs. Glamping

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We all have our own ways of perceiving what the ultimate relaxation experience would feel like. While people plan for it in different ways, a vast majority still thinks about “going away” somewhere for a couple of days to relax in natural environment. While you could also talk about visiting lodges and hotels in beautiful locations, you cannot appreciate the nature fully unless you are right in the middle of it. For a long time, camping has been the only method of enjoying that closeness to nature. However, due to an increasing demand for luxury while staying in the great outdoors, a new concept arrived called glamping.

There is a never-ending argument about which is the better way of relaxing and experiencing nature and there are solid arguments on both sides. However, as an individual, you need to figure out which of the two would be the best option for YOUR specific needs. To help you figure that out, we are providing a detailed guide that you can go through to figure out which side you should go with. Of course, you can have your specific questions as well, but all the basics and some other aspects are all covered here.


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What Defines Camping?

In all honesty, camping is something that you would go for if you are looking for your relaxation while it is wrapped in adventure. It is for people who may be going through a lazy or stagnant daily routine and want to get their blood pumping with adrenaline and excitement. In essence, camping is all about removing the life’s glamours (you will see why we used this term) and stripping down to the basics. Of course, that does not mean you have to put yourself through unnecessary discomfort and many people take some useful amenities with them as well. However, this almost bare bones version of living is what we refer to as camping.

As for the things that you need for your trip, the most obvious is a tent. That is the one thing you cannot go without because you are going to be living in it. A backpack is also an essential item that you need to carry all your luggage for the trip. There are special backpacks for camping that have a lot of capacity and you can get them in all shapes and sizes for your camping trips. One of the luxurious amenities that people tend to carry nowadays when camping is a cooler for keeping their food and drinks cold. Other than that, you will need essentials like camp chairs, lights, cooking utensils, and even wood in some cases.

A lot of people tend to go further as well and with only a small shelter and some basic tools, they go out and find their food fresh in the wilderness. Depending on your diet, that could be things like fruits, berries, and leafy greens or meat from fish or other animals.


What is Glamping?

Glamping is quite simply the combination of words “glamorous” (now you know) and camping. it is basically an approach to recreational activities while keeping some of the more luxurious necessities within reach. In a typical camping scenario, you would not have access to things like bathrooms, running water, real beds, and solid roof and walls. Glamping brings that aspect of at home feeling to camping and is thought of as a bridge between what would otherwise be completely opposite ways of living. There are many different approaches to glamping, and you can experience it in several different setups. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what you would be getting.

  • Camping Lodges are one of the most common glamping setups where you can go to a remote camping ground without needing a tent or mattress since you are getting a roof and walls along with a bed to sleep in. There are some Deluxe Cabins as well which also provide some other amenities like bathrooms, kitchenettes, wood stocks, etc.
  • Tree Houses are another amazing type of glamping that is becoming increasingly popular these days. The appeal attracts people of every age and the experience is unlike any other. This is as much attached with the nature as you can get while still having access to things like enclosed spaces, comfortable beds, bathrooms, and some other amenities as well.
  • Safari Tents are a great way of going on an adventure while keeping your basic and even some luxurious amenities within reach. These days Safari tents are one of the most luxurious ways of living outdoors as they come with an incredible range of amenities including fully furnished rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, storage, air conditioning, and entertainment as well. They provide the best of both worlds but are obviously costly to rent as well.
  • Yurts are a type of tent that is popular in Asian countries and have a strong and rigid structure. Depending on where you find one, you may see basic setups that include bedding on floor with a heating area in the middle to fully equipped ones that have electricity and other amenities as well.



Let us now compare how of these methods of outdoor recreation stack up from different aspects. The points discussed below will allow you to make a clear decision about what you want to go for on your next outdoor adventure.

Points to Consider When Choosing

  • Choosing Locations

    This is the one area where glamping will never be able to beat camping, and it probably never should either. The best thing about camping is that it allows you to be as mobile as you want. The location you choose to spend your day (and night) is entirely up to you and you can put your tent anywhere you want. Glamping, however, requires a somewhat fixed setup and that means the location cannot change according to your will. You cannot create your own glamping setup and are usually relying on some other company which decides where they will erect their setup which you then use.

  • Weather Conditions

    While this may not be a problem for an experienced and professional camper, bad weathers can limit the choices for camping severely. A lot of camping sites even close in bad weather since staying out in the open is simply too dangerous. Glamping on the other hand provides solid protection against weather and keeps you comfortable even if you are surrounded by snow or facing a heavy downpour. The heat of the summer can also be a lot more bearable in a glamping setup as you could find a place that offers things like air conditioning as well.

  • Amenities vs. Mobility

    This is another area where you can easily opt for glamping as your choice since the amenities you get in a camping setup are usually far less than a glamping setup. However, if you can carry the extra load, there are some portable solutions for things like showering and bathroom needs as well that make your camping experience just as comfortable. It would then allow you to delve a lot deeper into the wilderness and find a spot that you may not be able to create a glamping setup on.

  • Cost

    If you are on a budget and do not mind “roughing it” a bit, then camping is easily the best option for you. Of course, this is only if you are planning to do it regularly as the initial investment you make for the gear is a lot more than what you would be paying for a glamping setup. If you expect yourself to do it regularly then you would be saving a ton of rent money that you could then spend on other amenities and even for planning new trips. It can also be quite useful if you are going on a holiday and want to avoid the cost of renting a room in a hotel.

  • Safety and Security

    One of the most important things to consider when planning an outdoor adventure is your safety and security. Incidents can happen in any location at any time and if you are not prepared then it could hurt you quite badly. It is obvious that the solid build of a glamping setup will always provide more protection against outside elements, both animal and human. It lets you feel like you are in a proper home rather than being covered by a sheet. However, if you are aware of the situation in a particular area and do not find any potential threat, camping can allow you to find the most beautiful and extreme spots that simply cannot reach in most cases.

  • Environmental Impact

    Yes, as an environmentally aware human being, you need to make sure that you are protecting the nature from any potential harm. This is something that you get to do right the most if you are camping. Your footprint is extremely small, and you can virtually leave the place you camped in looking untouched with proper care. However, doing so does require some extra effort and a lot of people are still not willing to do so which is why you find things like trash and leftovers strewn around. Glamping on the other hand is providing a lot more to you and that creates a much bigger footprint. However, with proper planning and using renewable energy where possible, glamping can also reduce its environment impact significantly.


  • Physical Activity

    A major part of outdoor activities is indulging in physical activities and get your blood pumping. Not only is it a great activity on its own, but it also provides you a chance to push yourself physically and find your limits. In camping, you are pretty much forced to do that anyway as you go looking for the best spot to camp at. You are also cooking your own, making fires from scratch, and taking care of things like cleaning and bathroom arrangements, etc. Glamping takes away a lot of those things as you focus on relaxing and resting during your stay. Glamping sites are often located in places that are easier to reach and that makes it difficult to fulfill the “exploration” part of the trip properly.

  • Social Aspect

    Camping trips often tend to take you to places that are secluded and are not frequented by people. The whole point is to disconnect from the world and enjoy time with yourself. It is also a great source of reflection and clearing your mind. If that is what you are looking for then camping would be the best option for you. Glamping areas, however, have multiple setups in a single location so you can expect to see other people around you as well when you go for a glamping trip. For people who enjoy socializing this can be great way of finding new friends and sharing stories with strangers. If you want a shared adventure experience the glamping can provide you exactly that.

  • Sporting Options

    For a lot of people these days, camping or glamping is less about that experience and more about finding a shelter as they explore some other outdoor activities. There are dedicated facilities for people who are interested in things like quad bike racing in sand dunes, ice skiing on a snowy peak, or hitting the waves on a beach. Depending on your budget and location, you can easily figure out what kind of services are available in your target location. A lot of people prefer camping in such situations but there are some glamping spots available as well now that provide direct access to outdoor adventures like that as an included package.

Final Words

How you go about your trip will depend not only on the factors discussed here but also your personal preferences and unique requirements. However, as far as your decision is concerned, you can probably clearly see yourself in one of the two options. If you still think both are feasible for you then that is simply a choice that you can make based on your personal preference. Either way, both activities are extremely fun and a great way for you to unwind and relax.

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