Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 3 Review

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Buying a tent for a large party can always be a tricky thing to do. You are trying to find the best possible option and the cost is usually quite high. Such an investment needs to be right and that is why you need to opt for something that will do the job well. The Copper Canyon tents by Eureka are certainly made for such a use case and their 8-person tent can provide ample space to live in. The design is also space friendly and it has quite a few nice features that make it worth considering. Let us take a detailed look at what you can expect if you get your hands on one of these tents.

Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 3 Technical Specifications

Eureka! Copper Canyon LX Camping TentSleeping Capacity: 8
Floor Size: 13 ft x 10 ft
Interior Peak Height: 7 ft
Minimum Weight: 31 lbs. 2 oz
Pack Size: 11 in. x 29 in.
Floor Area: 130 ft²
Doors: 2
Storage Pockets: 6
Gear Hammock: 2
Pole Attachment: Continuous Pole Sleeves, Clips, Hubs, Ring & Pin
Main Pole: 19 mm Steel
Secondary Pole: 12.7 mm Fiberglass


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Interior Space

The Eureka Copper Canyon LX is a tent that is designed to maximize the space that it can provide inside the main area. However, that is also something to keep in mind since all you get is the main room. As for the area it covers, the 130 ft² is large enough to fulfill its claim as each person gets a total area of more than 15 ft². That is more than enough for comfortable living. However, with 8 people comes a lot of luggage as well and the lack of outside coverage means all that also needs to fit in the tent. We believe that you should use it for a maximum of 6 people to keep things comfortable.

The biggest advantage you get is the shape of the tent which is boxed instead of the traditional dome style. This allows for easy movement inside the tent, something that you value a lot with that many people inside. The height of the tent is also 7 feet which means there is plenty of headroom as well.


Weather Protection

This tent is simply not built for extreme weathers which is primarily due to the design that it comes in. With all the space that you are getting, you must make sure that you are not exposing it to anything more than light winds and light rainfall. The top of the tent is completely made of mesh but that gets covered fully with a rain fly. There are no external areas or vestibules in this tent either which means you cannot sit outside during wet conditions. You do get a small extension at the entrance which is there to provide a dry porch area.


Since this is a tent that is meant for dry weathers mostly, you can expect to see it being used in hot conditions as well. Ventilation is therefore an extremely important factor and this tent provides plenty of that as well. not only are you getting large mesh windows on all sides, but the top also has a mesh opening that can let the hot air out, making the entire ventilation process a lot more effective. The airflow in this tent is certainly one of the best that you can find in the entire market. You can add a privacy layer to the windows of course when you are in a crowded place and want to avoid giving a peek to people around you.


Storage and Organization

One of the biggest concerns in making a tent livable is storage and with the Eureka Copper Canyon LX you get plenty of storage space as well. One of the unique features is the large mesh holding area on top of the tent where you can easily stow all your gadgets. In addition to that, there are many mesh pockets on the walls of the tent as well for further storage. The tent also provides a zippered slot for running a power cable into the tent which you can use to keep all your gadgets charged up. They call it the E! Powerport and it is a great feature to have in any tent. The tent also comes with a divider in the middle of the tent which means you can turn it into a two-room tent. This is especially useful if you are traveling with another family.


Durability and Build Quality

The build quality of the tent is quite good, and the poles are strong enough to keep it going for years. The top poles are fiberglass, and the bottom poles are made from steel. While this may seem like a necessity in a tent this big, a lot of brands still skip the steel poles in some models. The bag that it comes in could be better built as it can get ripped after a few outdoor trips. That may not be something significant for most people, but it is worth noting, nonetheless. The cloth quality is as good as any other tent that you can find in this range and you can rely on it to do its job easily.

Weight and Packed Size

At about 31 lbs. the weight is just about what you would expect from a tent of this size. You could easily find options that are a lot heavier with similar designs. However, that may be due to the fact that it uses a single sheet design and only has waterproof curtains for the windows. The lack of vestibules also brings the weight down. The size of the tent when packed comes in at 11 inches x 29 inches which makes it quite easy to carry it easily.

Additional Capacities

This tent comes in four different capacities: 4,6,8, and 12 people. The design of the two smaller options is as bit more towards the dome style but they also provide plenty of headroom and moving space. The second difference between them is that the lager two come with the room divider whereas the smaller two do not.




Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 3 Test Results

What we liked:

  • Great headroom
  • Spacious design
  • Excellent ventilation
  • E! Powerport

What we did not like:

  • No vestibule area
  • Not designed for tough weather conditions and winds
  • Tent stakes should be bigger

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