How to Create the Ultimate Camping Kitchen

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A camping kitchen is one of the most diverse setups you can find but one thing is a fact, it all comes down to personal preferences. The list of items you need for a camping kitchen setup is inexhaustible but, following your style of camping and a set of tastes and preferences, you can come up with a distinct checklist. Above all, certain items can never miss in a camping kitchen setup and this article intents to demystify the ideal camp kitchen checklist.

In brief, we shall be tackling the tips on how to create a comprehensive camping kitchen and the following are the items that we felt are essential for the ultimate outdoor kitchen for campers.

  • Camping cookware
  • Camp stove
  • Camping cooler and Water jug
  • Tableware and silverware
  • Coffee setup
  • Accessories


Camp Kitchen Checklist

  1. Camping Cookware

    Camping cookware sets take the undisputed top spot in the camping kitchen checklist for more reasons than we can afford to count. It comprises the cooking pan or skillet and the cooking pot. You are going to find it virtually impossible to carry out your cooking activities, at least the basic ones, without one or both of this cooking equipment.

    An ideal camping kitchen will have either a cast-iron skillet with a lid or an aluminum non-stick pan with or without a lid. The same applies to cook pots which are either lidded or lidless but it is always a great idea to have a lidded one as it speeds up the cooking process.

    Buying yourself ideal camping cookware is a relatively simple process although this depends on whether you are a newbie or a seasoned camper. If you are new to camping and you are on the market for the best camping cookware, you should go with the best brands with high customer ratings

  2. Camp Stove

    For obvious reasons, the camp stove could not be missed being among the top in the checklist of the ultimate camping kitchen. Can you think of a way you can have your meals cooked without a stove? And do not think about the campfire because that is not even in the picture. Yes there are cases where the campfire can act as the stove but, this is only in extremely unique cases and still, you will have to do a heck of a job to prepare the campfire for cooking. This is because campfires are originally meant to provide light and warmth at night.

    To create the ultimate camping kitchen, you will need to get a proper camp stove; one that is fueled by propane or butane but propane comes highly recommended because of its availability. Ideally, buy a propane-fueled stove with 2 burners. Given the high number of alternatives on the market, it is advisable to go with the time-tested and highly rated models.

  3. Camping Cooler and Water Jug

    A cooler does more than just storing cold drinks on the camping trips. A camping cooler offers refrigeration for your meals thus prolonging their freshness. More often than not, camping coolers are only ideal for short camping trips of about 3 to 5 days. Any period longer than this will require you to have a proper portable fridge. Luckily, we have lots of alternative coolers than can work perfectly as a fridge although they will require either electric connection or constant charging.

    You might want to note that camping coolers come at a relatively high cost, which is well worth it if you think about the convenience it brings to your camping kitchen. Imagine having the convenience of carrying foods that require refrigeration to the campsite. You are definitely going to crave a braised chicken thigh for dinner or sliced bacon in the morning and if you don’t have a cooler, these cravings will leave you feeling homesick.

    Unless you are in an established camping facility, you are going to need fresh water in your camping kitchen and this is where the water jug comes in handy. You will need a compact and portable water jug whose capacity should be reasonable enough to sustain at least an entire meal’s cooking and if possible the cleaning afterward. Ideally, get a camping cooler that also doubles as a cooler.

  4. Tableware and Silverware

    This comprises plates, bowls, spoons, and knives. Occasional campers can make do with temporary tableware and silverware like plastic spoons, knives, and plates but if you are a serious camper, it will be worth your while to go all in and buy these types of kitchenware just for your camping. Above all, they can still be used away from the camp on any occasion at home so it is a smart investment for you. You also get to benefit from the durability of silverware kitchenware as it is known to be more durable than ceramic. Remember to get a decent knife and a cutting board that can work multiple cuttings. Remember you are going camping and storage space will be scarce.

  5. Coffee Setup

    The camping kitchen would not be complete without a coffee maker. You are going to crave coffee in the morning and do not let these cravings go to waste. An ideal camping coffee maker comes with usable lids that work as cups. If you are lucky, the cup will be insulated thus eliminating the need to separately purchase an insulated mug.

  6. Accessories

    These include all the optional items that you might need to make your cooking experience a little more convenient. Examples include a collapsible sink for washing, thermometer, egg holder and a pair of heat resistant gloves. The list of accessories is inexhaustible but the best part is that most of them are usually included in the essential kitchenware.

    Camping Kitchen & Accessories


The ultimate camping kitchen is the one that includes essential items and satisfies the tastes and preferences of the camper. Therefore, when preparing a camp kitchen checklist, pay attention to personal preferences and do not forget the must-haves.

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