Osprey Sirrus 36 – Women’s Review

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Staying in one place for long can make you edgy. That is why you need a break from normal life to unwind. What better place is there than in the great outdoor? When leaving for the outdoors, you need to carry most of the items that you use. This is where most people find difficulties. It is because they rarely get a suitable backpack for their items. When they do find one, maybe it is too small or doesn’t have enough features to be used in the outdoors. For this reason, we are going to discuss one of the best outdoor backpacks on the market. This will help you make the right choice while buying. The article aids in reducing the time taken to browse through the internet looking for a suitable backpack for your needs. Read on to find out more about the Osprey Sirrus 36 Women’s Backpack.

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Osprey Sirrus 36 Technical Specifications

Style: Osprey Sirrus 36 Backpack Women’s
Color: Black
Brand: Osprey
Weight: 2.65 lbs. (XS), 3.072 lbs. (S), 3.197 lbs. (M)
Volume: 2075 in3, 2197 in3
Material: 210D nylon crosshatch, 420HD nylon packcloth
Strap design: Shoulder strap, adjustable straps



How would you like a backpack that is not only durable but also complements your body while in the outdoors? Well, the Osprey Sirrus 36 Women’s backpack is an ideal go-to. Women wanted a backpack that could do more, and their wish was granted. It is a bag that enables you to adjust the torso lengths for added comfort while hiking. This ensures a perfect fit so that you can remain comfortable on your way to your destination and back. It is ideal for lightweights. Since the weather in the outdoors is mostly unpredictable. Fear not, as this backpack is suited for any condition. When it rains, it comes with a raincover integrated to protect your gear and pack from moisture. It includes plenty of pockets for you to organize your items for easier finding.



Don’t we all want a backpack that carries our essentials while being comfortable? Well, Sirrus 36 has these properties and more. With an internal capacity of 34/36 liters, you can pack all your necessary items for use in the outdoors. The main compartment allows for more space. When empty, it doesn’t hold much weight that can add to that of your gear. Don’t leave out some of your hiking items because of limited spacing. This pack, with a “small” rating, will surprise you with the amount it can carry.


Imagine a scenario where you are required to remove all your items to access something at the bottom of your pack. Isn’t it exhausting and time-consuming? The Sirrus 36 pack eliminates all that hassle with its side panel zipper. You can easily access the lower layers of your backpack with the side zipper. It accesses the main section of the pack. So, whenever there is sudden weather inclement, you are sure to access the backpack as quickly as possible. It also has top loader access that leads to the main compartment. This is most ideal when packing your essentials.

Trekking Pole Attachment

While trekking through the rough terrain or mountain, you will need support at some point. That is where trekking poles come in. These are ideal little helpers that aid in carrying some of the weight as we walk. Mostly, the trekking poles don’t fit into the bag as they are not adjustable. They require you to carry them separately. Designed with you in mind, the Sirrus 36 incorporates a trekking pole attachment system. The design ensures quick attachment and easy carrying of the poles while wearing your pack. What’s more, you can easily access them to navigate through rough terrain.

Sleeping Bag Compartment

Outdoor trips have many uncertainties. One minute you are just hiking, the next, it is dark and you need to rest. Being well prepared for the trip is important. With a sleeping bag, you can set up a resting area in the woods and take a nap. The backpack incorporates a separate zippered compartment where you can carry a sleeping bag. For this reason, this pack is ideal for backpacking. Having one bag that carries everything you might need while in the outdoors saves you a whole deal of money. There are straps on the backpack that keep the sleeping bag in place. You can remove them when you no longer need them.

Ventilation and Adjustability

Osprey-Sirrus-36-Carry-StrapsWith utmost comfort in mind, the Sirrus 36 backpack features an airspeed back panel. It is a tensioned mesh with incredible ventilation ability for greater comfort while moving up and down. This is important to eliminate the discomfort that comes about when your back heats up. The lightWire blend edging creates minimal air space enhancing the balance and ventilation. What’s even better is that the 3D mesh is tensioned for adjusting the torso length. This provides a supportive fit for the hiker or backpacker. Hence, you are most comfortable carrying the backpack on your back.

Integrated Raincover

Most people prefer hiking in good weather. That is why we hope for the best but prepared for the weather inclement. Included in the Sirrus 36 backpack is a raincover. It is incorporated into the bag for easier accessibility. Therefore, when it suddenly begins to rain, you can cover your pack with the raincover to protect your gear. When the rain stops, you can remove the raincover and leave it to dry, then pack.

Additional Compartments

When you are on the go, you need your essentials at close range and easily accessible. With this women’s backpack, you get two hip belt pockets with zip closures. Here, you can place your phones, earphones, snacks, and all other items you may need. Instead of missing that call or failing to take a picture, have your phone in the hip pockets to enhance accessibility. The front panel also comes with a pocket to add more and more items for your trip.

Hydration Sleeve

While on the move, especially hiking, you lose a lot of moisture. That is why you are advised to always hydrate. That means you need a water bottle with you all the time. However, carrying it can be quite difficult considering you have all the weight on your back. The Osprey Sirrus 36 Women’s backpack features an internally placed hydration sleeve. It can hold a 3-liter reservoir. The sleeve allows for easy accessibility and ensures stable usage.

Additional Features

As mentioned, the Sirrus backpack is built for all-weather use. It is a versatile bag with plenty of options as to where to use it. Included is an ice loop tool. This allows you to carry some tools to use in different terrains. It is perfect for carrying an ice ax and the bungee tie-off ensures it stays in place.


Osprey Sirrus 36 Test Results

What we like

  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable shoulder strapping
  • Large capacity for more items
  • Comfortable fit and ventilation
  • Side zipper for fast access to the main compartment
  • Plenty of compartments for better organization
  • The hydration sleeve
  • Pole attachment
  • The included raincover
  • Sleeping bag pocket

What we don’t like

  • It doesn’t come in large size
  • Lacks side pockets for water bottles



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