Wawona 6 by The North Face Review

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Buying the right camping gear can mean all the difference between a lovely trip and a nightmare. While this covers practically every aspect of the trip, the most important part is the tent that you use. Having a decent roof over your head is worth every penny so it is important that you buy the best equipment only. That is a quality that you can see in the Wawona 6 tent by The North Face and we will be taking a detailed look at what it provides you.

Wawona 6 by The North Face Technical Specifications

Weight: 20 lbs. (9.5 Kg)
Trail Weight: 19 lbs. (8.7 Kg)
Covered floor area: 86.11 ft² (8 m²)
Maximum Height: 80 inches (203.2 cm)
Sleeping Capacity: 6
Carrying Bag Size: 10″ X 27″ (25.4 cm X 81.3 cm)
Number of Doors: 3
Vestibules: 2
Vestibules Area: 21 ft² 2 m²) / 44.7 ft² (4.2 m²)
Season: 3 Season


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Interior Space

The starting point in any tent selection is the space it provides and with the Wawona 6 you get a total area of 151 ft² including the front vestibule and porch. The tent comes with a declared capacity for six people which means you have just over 25 ft² per person. The space is divided into two sections, one being a small area that you could use as a porch and the other being a proper room. The height of the tent is also a massive 80 inches, providing plenty of headroom for most people. The tent also has two vestibules at the front and a door on the rear as well for easy access.

Weather Protection

This tent can provide sufficient protection against weather elements in non-extreme conditions. There is no official waterproof rating and using it in rain is certainly not advisable. Some places selling this may called it waterproof, but it is water resistant at best and that too for short periods of light showers. While some people have used it in rain successfully, it is best to use it only in dry weather.


One of the biggest plus points of the Wawona 6 is the two large windows it provides for excellent ventilation. Covered with mesh on the inside, they allow free crossing of the air without allowing any insects inside. The tent also has a covered vent on the top to take away condensation, but it can sometimes struggle during monsoon season or if you are in a rainforest area. The large windows do help with that problem significantly.

Storage and Organization

The tent has about 10 pockets in either rectangular or triangular shape across the inner body. The pockets are made from mesh and are deep enough to store tablets as well. This allows for easy organization of things that you may need like keys, phones, tablets, flashlights, etc. In addition to that, the tent also provides cords that run on the inside perimeter of the large room. This is for you to hang clothing and other items that you may need to dry. The same can also be used to hang lanterns at night. The weight capacity is also decent since the cord connects directly to the tent poles.

Durability and Build Quality

The Wawona 6 is a single wall tent that is surprisingly durable for its size. The tent material is strong, and you also have the added benefit of the lifetime warranty that comes with officially purchased products from The North Face. The tent seems to perform without a hitch in most circumstances and setting it up is also easy, especially if you are not too experienced with tent pitching. The tent comes with thick 14mm poles that can sustain light winds quite easily. The fabric is also quite tough and prevents wear and tear quite effectively. The zippers for both the front and back are also covered to avoid getting soaked and worn out from rain, etc.

Weight and Packed Size

The-North-Face-WAWONA-6-Packed-SizeThe thin wall design of the Wawona 6 allows it to be one of the lightest tents in its specifications. The total weight comes in at 20 lbs. which is less than 10 kg. The trail weight of the tent is 19 lbs. which is 8.7 kg! However, since this tent is not a trail tool, you should consider the overall weight only. It is also super compact and comes in a handbag style packing which makes carrying it quite easy. The overall size of the bag with the tent packed in it comes at 27 x 10 inches or 81 x 25 cm. While carrying it around is certainly an option, carrying it on a car to the destination would increase the life of the bag itself as well.

Additional Capacities

The tent has a capacity rating for six people and it certainly fulfills that claim as well. However, to make it more comfortable, we do not advise using it for more than four people. The rating is based on the space taken up by the people themselves but with all your camping equipment included it can make it a bit difficult to fit six people in this tent comfortably. There is a four-person option as well called Wawona 4 which provides about 10 square feet less area and does not have the “porch” area included in it.

Other Features

Wawona 6 is a dome style tent that is a key factor in providing the massive headroom. There is sufficient floorless area in the vestibules for you to store your camping equipment like dry wood, stove, cooler, etc. The doors also have toggles for them so you can easily fold them up for a clear view. You can also open the front vestibules to provide extra airflow from the front.



Wawona 6 by The North Face Test Results

What we like

  • Lightweight design for a 6-person tent
  • Plenty of ventilation using windows and doors
  • Roof vents for clearing condensation
  • Easy to setup by using color coded poles
  • Reliable for most moderate camping scenarios
  • Pockets and hanging ropes make organization quite easy

What we do not like

  • Moisture problem due to its single layer structure
  • Quite an expensive tent when compared to the competition
  • The living space is a bit smaller than the overall declared space
  • Poles may not stay in ground in high winds


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