6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Camping Generator

If you are stepping into the whole “outdoor camping thing” for the first time, it can be scary. And we get it. The thought of spending a night under the stars in the middle of nowhere far from civilization can freak you out. Well, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be so scary. At least when there’s something we can do about it. See, all the fear and uncertainty can be kept at bay if only we could throw in a little bit of civilization into camping. Just to make it feel “cool”, right? And what better way to do it than with a generator?

Generators are powerful equipment that can do a lot of good to a newbie camper. Furthermore, the question of its affordability is already out of the way considering that the market is full of options for everyone. The question is whether or not you can manage to bring it with you to the campsite. If or when you do, the fun is immeasurable. You are not going to be able to exhaust the list of things you can do with a generator at the campsite.

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Why You Should Use a Generetor at Campsite

To start you off, we have gathered a couple of tips that you can apply to make your life at the campsite more fun with the help of a generator. Let’s get to it already and learn how we can make use of the generator at the campsite.

Clever Uses for a Generator at the Campsite

  1. Sleeping Well

    With a generator in your checklist, you are no longer going to worry about your comfort at night. See, one of the sources of worry while camping outdoors is where to sleep. Now, a generator on-site will help take care of this worry because you can carry the biggest airbed possible. This is because you no longer have to worry about how you are going to inflate it. See, even with smaller airbeds, one can still feel pissed off just imagining that you are going to use your breath to inflate it. A generator will inflate your huge airbed in a matter of seconds thus guaranteeing a good night’s sleep to you and everyone else in your company at the campsite.

    And that’s not it. Having a generator at the campsite gives you more control of the atmosphere inside of your tent. When it’s cold, all you have to do is turn on your electric heater, and then you won’t have to overtly rely on heavy bedding to keep you warm. On a hot night, just use your generator to power your electric fan and everything will be just as it is back at home. These conveniences are only available at home where all the amenities and accessories are readily available. But, with a generator, you can have all these luxuries accompany you to the campsite. How exciting!

  2. Keep Bugs at Bay

    We all know about bugs and the bushes. They are inseparable buddies. So, you putting yourself out there in the bushes will mean that you’ll be joining their company. Uncomfortable, right? We get it. On a normal outdoor camp, it would be such a hassle to keep these creatures away. But, with the help of a generator, addressing the bug situation is as simple as plugging in an electric bug zapper and let it do its thing all night. Sure, candles and coils can help get rid of bugs but not as effective as a bug zapper would. So, if bug infestation is the only thing scaring you away from outdoor camps, you can bring your generator along and relax.

  3. Take Care of Emergencies with Ease

    Among the things that are bound to happen while camping outdoors include your phone running out of charge. In such a situation, responding to emergencies would be such a hassle. You need a reliable source of power to prevent such situations from catching you unawares. A generator will do a good job of taking care of this. Do not deny yourself the luxury of a fully charged phone. A charged phone is way better than one without charge when it comes to emergency situations. Make use of the generator to keep your phones fully charged at all times and you will even forget you’re camping outdoors away from home.

    Uses for a Generator at the Campsite

  4. Meal Preparation

    Nothing says “camping” better than a meal made from the campfire. Regardless, some people would still prefer making their meals the best way they know-how and that is from a cooker. Well, it is not ruled out entirely that you can only cook from the campfire when camping outdoors. Thanks to the generator, you can bring along your conventional cooking gear and knock yourself out with convenient cooking right at the campsite. Bring a coffee maker, blender, oven, and cooker and take your outdoor cooking to the next level with the help of electric power from the generator. You do not want to miss the satisfying feeling of getting your morning fix without having to first fetch firewood and make a fire. With a generator on-site, you can restrict the campfire to fun activities like storytelling and roasting marshmallows.

  5. Entertain Yourself

    For the longest time, campers have been turning to campfire stories and board games as sources of entertainment while camping outdoors. However, this does not make them the only things one can do for entertainment at the campsite. Who said you cannot treat yourself to a big-screen movie? Well, you may be limited by access to a power source. Thankfully, a generator does a great job of supplying any kind of digital entertainment with power. Just bring along a generator and a projector then hang a large white cloth outside at night for a big-screen movie.

    You might want to consider other campers in the area. If they are motivated enough, they could join you but in most cases, they would prefer sticking to traditional sources of entertainment. Either way, do not hold back your urges. Take the opportunity to embrace a little bit of civilization in the middle of the woods with your entertainment tools and you will be glad you did: especially if you are doing a camping for the first time.

  6. Pick the Right Generator

    We cannot stress enough the benefits of a generator to an outdoor camper. However, these benefits are only as good as the type of generator you pick. Considering that camping entails setting up a temporary settlement, portability would be a very essential aspect of the generator you are going to bring to the campsite. But, that’s not it. There are other factors that you cannot overlook when selecting a generator.

    You might want to pay attention to the type of generator you are buying. For most campers out there, recreational generators would easily pass for camping conveniences because they seem to check all boxes as far as camping requirements are concerned. They are compact and lightweight which makes for portability and they are less costly.

    Regardless of the size of your camping company, it is inappropriate and highly inconvenient to buy a large generator. Not only will it be hard to transport but also you will have trouble blending into the natural setting of a campsite. You might end up taking away the authenticity of the camping experience altogether. So, just try as much as possible to “stick to the script” and refrain from overdoing anything.

    The power of the generator will be just as important as the size. You might want to consider the total power consumption you might need at the campsite and go for a generator that will serve them without straining. You do not want to bring a generator to the campsite only to find out that it’s not powerful enough to serve all the equipment you packed.
    Last but not least, pay attention to the noise levels of the generator. Remember, you are going into the wild, and blending in is important. You do not want to invade the natural lad only to cause disruption in the peace. Get a generator that is as quiet as possible. This way, you will cohabit the campsite with other campers in a peaceful way that does not disrupt the ecosystem.

Improve your Camping Experience with a Generator


We have seen that a generator is not some piece of equipment you just stumble upon in the market and buy. To get the best out of it, you need to make a conscious decision of selecting the right type that has the essential features to make your camping experience a memorable one. Having the right generator does not guarantee total fun at the campsite. Fortunately, we have shared tips that you can apply to make your outdoor camping as fun as possible. The key takeaway here, though, is: do not overdo anything. Try to strike a balance between the natural setting and the civil world. The generator should just help you adjust to the world of camping. It serves to make camping as easy as possible. Once you are comfortable, you can begin to embrace the actual raw camping experience one day at a time.

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